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Cuba exceeded its oil imports in May from Venezuela compared to April

Cuba exceeded its oil imports in May from Venezuela compared to April

Cuba imported more Venezuelan oil in May than was recorded last April, according to Reuters data.

Venezuelan crude oil exports to the island totaled 58,100 barrels per day. This number is almost 30% more than what PDVSA sent during the fourth month of the current year. In that period alone, Cuba reached 45,250 barrels per day.

The aforementioned British news agency revealed, in general, a decline of 14% in terms of PSVSA exports in May. However, shipments to the Cuban capital have shown a significant increase. The reductions did not affect the Havana and Caracas agreements.

Based on the reported average, sales totaled 606,258 barrels per day of crude and refined products. The data is lower than that presented for the previous two months, but higher than that presented in January and February of the current year.

Cuban ports are very active

The activity in Cuban ports is intense on a daily basis. In recent months, especially with the arrival of several ships, specialists have taken measures to unload the fuel as quickly as possible. Much more in these times. In the midst of the economic crisis and the scarcity of oil and its derivatives, the destination of these products is determined as soon as they reach the port.

One of the most used ports for disembarking Venezuelan crude is that of the southern city of Cienfuegos. Over the past few weeks, the Cuban-flagged oil tanker Vilma has stopped there.

The same thing happened with the Alicia, Sandino, Delsa, Pastorita, Marianna VV, Calipso and Caribbean Alliance ships. They have sailed in Cuban waters and arrived at various ports in the country in recent months with Venezuelan crude.

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Last Friday, the oil tanker Nikos, flying the flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, from Venezuela, docked in the port of Santiago de Cuba.