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Cruz Azul vs Pachuca (1-1): Round 7 result of Apertura 2021

Cruz Azul vs Pachuca (1-1): Round 7 result of Apertura 2021

The current champion of Mexican football, blue cross, received the Pachuca On a rainy night south of Mexico City for a 1-1 draw at A Comparison with arbitration disputes; Saved by goalkeepers, goal from Santiago Jimenez and a special purpose Yoshimar Yuten They set up the scoreboard.

After sharing the All Star game, Juan Renoso came back for Make a series of adjustments: revenues Louis Romo And Urbelin Pineda She was the most important, but also empowering Roberto Alvarado As an attention grabbing suite.

Alvarado’s presence in defense of Cruz Azul cost him some negligence that took a heavy toll. In the 23rd minute, Yoshimar Yuten finished by setting the ball Against Sebastian Jurado.

The Peruvian and Alvarado followed the play of Nicholas Ibáñez, who appeared to focus on the arrival of Kevin Alvarez. It was there that Yoshimar and Luz got in the way of the ball, but Yotin slipped and put him in the nets of the Hidalgo team 1-0.

Immediately, And the controversial arbitration showed its presence The first wrong decision of the quartet of referee by order of Alejandro Funk Villavigne. Ibanez once again appeared in the danger zone, accompanied by him Aviles Hurtado, who served him to define who won Sebastian JuradoHowever, the assistant indicated misplaced and after revision in VAR, the annotation was canceled.

Continuing disputes

Miguel Herrera Iquiwa was responsible for stopping Capiceta Rodriguez’s dangerous attack with a long pass, and the Uruguayan fell on the grass and fell. Funk did not hesitate to score the maximum penalty kickHowever, after a VAR review, the decision was rejected, with repetition showing that the Tuzos defender touch the ball first Then he arrived with the cement maker’s ankle.

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Expected goal reached

At clearing time, he came Santi Jimenez with a massive cannon shot to match the actions. Pachuca went off with Ostari, and the goalkeeper leaned on Gustavo Cabral, who had no pressure from Pineda and ended up making a foul on touching the ball; One of Cruz Azul took advantage of the opportunity and stole and sent Santi, who shot him directly into the goal.

Both techs moved their pieces, and Tozos made way for Victor Guzman and Tony Figueroa, while Renoso sent Brian Angulo and Romulo Otero to the field. Paolo Pezzolano responded to his changes betterPocho was dangerous, but not enough to cause significant damage.

Despite the minutes of dominance that Pachuca could have after the changes, Reynoso’s strategy began to reduce the opponent’s revolts and Take a round trip to the game.

There were more changes from both sides, but Neither team was able to finish the duel With the aim of achieving victory at the end of the seventh day. Romo and Rivero were responsible for lifting fans from their seats with feelings of what could be a winning goal. from outside the area Luis Romo hit the ball straight On goal, Ostari left her hustling, leaving her alive for a second shot Rivero, who was also saved by Bella Erosa’s goalkeeper.

Passionately on the edge of the seat, after performing I swear as a hero in the throes of the game with a few saves; Celestial fans were left with their team’s third consecutive draw before the tournament break for the FIFA date, yes, with 10 units and still within the featured zone.

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