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Anna Barra’s scar from a blow to the nose at Exatlon

Ana Parra / Exatlon United States / Instagram

Anna Bara shows off the scar she left on her face due to the injury she sustained at EXATLON

Last week, only one day left the last On Season 5 of EXATLON United States, Anna Parra, an athlete who won the love and support of viewers of Telemundo reality show, saw how lucky she was I played a trick on him. After suffering a nose and neck injury, in a duel against Natalia Sanchez, the Colombian had to leave the competition, and could not fulfill her dream of reaching the final and getting to know Norma Palafox for a grand prize of $ 200 thousand and a trophy.

After a week of suffering, painful blowThe former member of the competing team used her Instagram account to show her followers through it un “live” It left a scar on his face.

Let Anna Barra see The mark left by his injury At EXATLON, and although she stated that it was good to know that things didn’t happen to adults, especially with her neck, she admitted that because of her modeling job, her scars affected her.

“Thank God it was only muscular and that’s something I’m grateful for, because the neck is a totally sensitive thing, and then nothing. Thank God you’re not getting old,” said the 25-year-old athlete. “I know what happened to my face is Also a delicate thing, and today, let’s say I also live from my face. So I thank God it wasn’t a serious thing, and here I am continuing to work hard with this.

The blue team star also admitted that he was unable to make it to the Grand Final, where he was filmed, having stayed in Competition since January In the past, frustration filled her, but she realized she couldn’t stay in this feeling or “lament” about her scar.

“Now, let’s say what happened to me recently, I don’t know. Having this blow to my face, which left me, let’s say, a big scar, that I’ve been locked in a tough competition for 8 months, and left a day before I had a dream, and that I, let’s say, I was pretty sure I could have it and I couldn’t. Whether it was, or it was, it was something I was sure I could achieve, and the fact that it wasn’t like that filled me with a lot of frustration,” the model admitted.

The engineer, who recently moved from Colombia to the United States, also spoke about what she experienced throughout the competition, and appreciated the good relationships the show left her with her teammates and competitors, despite the harshness that the show meant.

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“In 8 months it will be a very long, very long distance, away from your family, away from the people you love. Being stuck there sometimes as if it hurts your head a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot. You have very hard times, there is a lot of time.” It’s an absolutely wonderful experience, but the friends you make there, I make lifelong friendships. So I think I’ll repeat that experience,” concluded the former contestant.

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