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Correos de Cuba justifies delays in package delivery and this is how customers respond

Correos de Cuba justifies delays in package delivery and this is how customers respond

The Correos de Cuba business group published a clarification about the delay in international parcel deliveries and the feedback did not take long.

Although the company confirms that the majority of customers are right in their complaints, it offers a series of justifications for why packages do not reach their recipients on the island on time.

“Many customers report that postal or parcel operators in the countries of origin tell them that shipments will arrive in Cuba within a week or at the latest within 10-15 days. The reality is that this does not always happen that way,” they noted in the issued memo.

They point out that “the time it takes to process shipments from the country of origin to Cuba is not always the same. Some take days, others take weeks, and others, unfortunately, can take longer.”

Once again, the business group washed its hands and pointed to third parties with whom it had agreements and also used them to generate income.

“International shipments are the responsibility of the postal operator in the country of origin to the sender. Until the shipment arrives, is received and registered in the Cuban postal system, we cannot provide information to customers about international shipments.”

Post office packages in Cuba

On more than one occasion, the business group claimed that it could not respond to packages sent to Cuba until they appeared on its tracking device.

“Many customers track shipping codes through Cuban Post Tracking They claim that the shipment was sent X period ago and that the code is not registered.

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Once again, they specified that the time until packages arrived at their offices was highly variable. This depends on the parcels being released by the airport and customs authorities at José Martí International Airport or the Port of Mariel, which the Cuban Post Office then transports to the International Exchange Office (OCI) of the International Correspondent and Exchange Company (EMSI).

Until this final step is completed, Correos de Cuba does not record shipments in its system. They explain. As if that were not enough, the company defends itself against criticism by pointing out that delaying packages “in warehouses, yards or containers, generates additional expenses for EMCI, and in addition affects the salaries of its employees.”

It is clear that they also mentioned obstacles such as “the blockade” and “financial and fuel restrictions.”

Criticism of Correos de Cuba

Despite the justifications, many customers commented on their experiences.

“I find it unbelievable that the national shipment does not reach its destination within 15 days when trains do not break down every 4 days. It has no other explanation than lack of administrative management,” said user Arianes Romero Rojas.

“They take longer in Cuba than arriving in Cuba or you might forget you’re there tracking “And you know when it arrives,” Sosa told Lea.

For her part, Lianet Ruiz Morales stated that she had “a package since September 22 at the International Exchange Office and it is impossible that for more than a month there has been no fuel to transport it to Sancti Spiritus.” He added: “They have to take more steps, because many people are waiting for medicines that are necessary for their health.”

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The Cuba Correspondents trade group, which issues invoices in the millions each year according to its own publications, continues to draw criticism for its incompetence.