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Coronavirus: Los Angeles returns to mask use indoors before Delta variant progresses |  Society

Coronavirus: Los Angeles returns to mask use indoors before Delta variant progresses | Society

Nurse Leslie Garcia injects a patient in Los Angeles on June 25.Mario Tama / Agence France-Presse

Variable delta progression and stagnant vaccination rate. These are the factors that led the authorities in Los Angeles, the most populous city in the western United States, to recommend the use of a mask in public places regardless of whether people have been vaccinated or not. On June 15, Governor Gavin Newsom announces the reopening of California And they announced with great fanfare the end of the obligatory mask of the mutineers. It hasn’t been two weeks since the politician asked to turn the page, but the last word on the coronavirus is.

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County medical authorities have required mask wear in supermarkets, convenience stores, cinemas, theaters and workplaces. They also believe that it is best used in public places where it is not known whether or not helpers have been vaccinated. This is, at least, until “experts better understand how and among Delta variable is sentIt was stated in a statement issued on Monday. “Everyone should focus on maximum protection with minimum disruption to our routine at the same time as businesses operate with restrictions such as social distancing and capacity restrictions,” the document adds.

The state has so far detected 123 cases of the delta variant, which has been deemed twice as infectious than the other mutations. The majority, 110 patients, are people who have not been vaccinated. Dozens of tests were positive despite two doses of the vaccine, but none of those infected required hospital care. The remaining three cases are from people who received only one vaccine.

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The vaccination rate is one indicator of interest to those managing the epidemic. More than 41.4 million vaccines have been administered in the state. Three out of five people in the state received at least one of the two doses. Health authorities say that immunized people are better protected against variants, including Delta. “This is a pandemic for people who haven’t been vaccinated,” Barbara Ferrer, a Los Angeles health official, said Thursday.

The message from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, a region of 10 million people or up to 12 people if residents of neighboring counties are added, was a blow to eThe festive tone of Newsom’s message. That proposal has not become an order yet, but it is a clear indication of concern in a region that has been the gateway to the virus and one of the worst epicenters of the pandemic in the United States, affecting mostly Latin Americans and Africans.

The number of hospitalized patients is increasing. There are currently 1,272 people admitted across the state, out of a population of 40 million. The overall trend in hospitalizations was downward compared to previous months, the worst since March 2020, but a 4.4% increase compared to the previous two weeks. In Los Angeles County, the change from day to day was 23 patients, an increase of 8%. Newsom’s announcement sparked relaxation in a battle that is far from over. State authorities reported 762 new cases and five new deaths this Tuesday. In California, the virus has killed 63,000 people.

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