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Corismo wants to investigate Pandora's papers named Guillermo Lasso |  Politics |  News

Corismo wants to investigate Pandora’s papers named Guillermo Lasso | Politics | News

The Oversight Committee has opened an investigation into the Pandora Papers and will visit Guillermo Laso in Carondelet

The Union for Hope (UNES), which represents CorreĆ­smo in the National Assembly, wants to open an investigation into the so-called Pandora Papers but in the Standing Legislative Committee, where seven of the nine members belong to its bureau.

For this purpose, it will submit on October 7 before the Assembly plenary a request to amend the agenda so that a draft resolution providing for transparency, citizen participation and social control, chaired by Ferdinand Alvarez (UNES), includes a corresponding investigation into the Pandora Papers case, and a request for appearances and information as it deems necessary.

In addition, to order the Transparency Committee, once the period of appearance and requests for information has expired, to prepare a detailed report, with its relevant recommendations, to be recognized and discussed before the plenary session of the National Assembly, in accordance with Article 77 of the Basic Law of the Legislative Function.

An investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has appointed the current Ecuadorean president, Guillermo Lasso, to transfer the stakes and assets of Panamanian entities to two trust funds in South Dakota, United States.

Uncovering the hidden wealth of world leaders in an unprecedented leak

A request to amend the agenda will be submitted by Assembly member Ronnie Aliga (UNES), so that the investigation will take place, he said, in a very objective political way within the National Assembly.

He clarified that the investigation proposed by his office does not have any radical connotations nor the aim of initiating possible impeachment proceedings against the President of the Republic, Guillermo Laso, but rather the investigation of all actions surrounding the Bandura case, where it was not. Not only the boss, but also the other bosses participated.

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El-Eija said that it is known that other political organizations are also preparing a decision to investigate this issue, but they directed the formation of a multi-party committee, but it is not in the spirit of the association and efforts should not be repeated.

The draft resolution states that the commission will invite the authorities and even the president to appear, because the idea is to determine if there has been any kind of non-compliance by President Guillermo Laso, particularly in the ethical area; He commented on this because in his statements he tried to provide answers to people, but that ultimately left more doubts.

In his opinion, the head of state indicated that he got rid of shares in companies NavyBut it is not known how he did that and what happened to that money, if he sold it or donated it and if he paid tribute to those financial movements.

Open Inspection Inquiry

Unanimously, on October 6, the Oversight Committee decided to open an investigation into the cases, called the Panama Papers and the Pandora Papers, on former government officials and officials.

Guillermo Lasso invites Assembly members to the Palace to explain the Pandora Papers

For this purpose, the members of the Assembly of the Commission will go to the Government Palace to receive a copy from the Head of State, according to the letter of reply sent by Guillermo Laso to the President of the Commission, Fernando Villavicencio, who requested him for a notarized report. Whether he currently maintains any commercial, financial, or business relationship with the funds, companies and organizations mentioned in the investigative report by ICIJ. (I)

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