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Antonio Almonte dice Punta Catalina está trabajando “a toda capacidad” y que los apagones no son por su causa

Antonio Almonte says Punta Catalina is running “at full capacity” and that the power outage isn’t because of him

Another ship from Puerto Bolivar, Colombia, with 60 . shipment000 Tons of coal will arrive on Thursday via the dock of the Punta Catalina Thermal Power Plant So that both units continue to work and supply the system with power at full capacity.

The information was provided by Minister of Energy and Mines Antonio Almonte when interviewed on the Despierta program with CDN, who explained that the coal from Colombia is the result of talks with the authorities at the highest level in that nation that began at the beginning of the year.

According to a note from the foundation, El Monte explained that this will be the second of five shipments of coal, each of 60,000 tons, with a total of 300,000 tons of coal to arrive from that country.

“We have enough coal to continue production and Punta Catalina has been operating for several days at full capacity. Some of the power outages that occur in places and communities in the country are not caused by Punta CatalinaHe said it was related to maintenance work or overloading some circuits.

Almonte said the Dominican government is keen to provide the necessary fuel for the future, in the short term, despite the global fuel crisis.

“This afternoon we also held a meeting with seven representatives of the new renewable energy projects, the contracts of which will be signed next week, and this means adding between 600 and 700 MW in total, which will increase the power supply even more,” he said. to the mountain.

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mention it They are working tirelessly so that next year, specifically in the summer, the country will have a backup capacity for electricity Higher than now, to have enough power in case the plant stops working.

He said President Luis Abenader’s decision is to develop the largest possible electricity generation capacity in the country.

“There is no future for the country’s economy if electricity is not provided steadily, and for this we are working to provide the entire demand, in addition to having an energy reserve that covers us in the event of a factory outage due to any situation,” engineer Almonti confirmed.

He pointed out that the energy reserve should be at least the production capacity of the largest factory in the country, about 400 megawatts.