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Concordia College of Social Sciences will kick off its 24th Open Chairs Conference

Concordia College of Social Sciences will kick off its 24th Open Chairs Conference

The 24th Open Chairs Conference led by the Concordia Graduate School of Social Sciences begins next week. Through its columnist, El Heraldo spoke with Paola Bertucci, a student in the History Teaching Program, studying at this prestigious educational institution, and a member of the organization of these conferences, which year after year add supporters and prestige to their topics. Guest speakers addressed and proposed challenges, from public education, to our entire society.

In this regard, Paola Bertucci told us:

First of all, I have to highlight that we, together with a large team composed of authorities, professors and students, are collaboratively organizing the 24th Open Chairs Conference on Social Sciences. It should be noted that these events are held every year without interruption, with self-financing and with the help of the community.

We consider these days to be an enrichment for the entire community, as in the space of a week more than three hundred people come together to delve deeper, exchange and build proposals around the complex framework we call reality.

Modalities of work or exchange range from talks and discussions to workshops, through film debates, and live artistic productions, among other activities.

In addition, we have the academic contribution of writers, researchers, geographers, historians, political scientists and ecologists.

On this occasion, its focus is; “40 years of democracy, consolidation, achievements and challenges.” On this anniversary of four decades of democracy in Argentina, we renew our commitment to protecting freedoms and defending human rights.

Our country is a leader in defending human rights and civil liberties. Despite the great challenges that lie ahead, the strength we have will help us achieve our goals.

Democracy is the most important legacy that we must take care of, as it is the protection of freedoms, and the certainty that rulers must respond to the people with responsibility and commitment.

We believe that it is possible to build a better country with our ideas, our work and our hopes, from a collective perspective, of inclusion and respect for individual freedoms.

The schedule of activities will be as follows:

• 6:30 pm. Accreditation

• 7:20 p.m. Father Paco Olvera. Dialogue Discussion: “Liberation Theology”

• 8:30 pm. Luis “Cosseta” Romero. Dialogue Dialogue: “Environment and Horizontal Democracy”

• 9:40 pm. Artistic conclusion by Professor Diego Almiron.

• 7:00 pm. Artistic opening. C Kalman band

• 7 and 8 p.m. Augustin de Tofino. Dialogue: “The Struggle for Human Rights in 40 Years of Democracy”

• 8:30 pm. sun urrent. Discuss the talk. “Youth and human rights.”

• We will have a presence at Perry Hugh Library for children and young people.

Wednesday 27 September.

• 7:00 pm. Workshop day.

• 7:00 pm. Claudia gotta. Discussion of “Human, environmental and cognitive rights. A necessary balance after 40 years of restoring democracy in our country” and multi-sectoral wetlands: Cynthia Crespo and Estefania Villalba.

• 8:30 pm. Pedro Preti. Talk show “Politics, Food and Big Real Estate”

• 9:30 pm. Technical closure. “Beerskota” band

From the organizing committee of the 24th Congress of Open Chairs in the Social Sciences, composed of: Silvia Bogado, Patricia Pallavicini, Fernando Bellottini, Mario Franco, Manuela Vallejos, Soledad Robinson, Gerardo Pozzi, Gianna Carazzone, Alejandra Enrique, and Paola Bertucci; We want to extend this invitation to participate in this event that will be held from September 25 to 28 this year, from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, in our study house, Hipolito Irigoyen 1352. This proposal will be held in The institution’s sports hall, and the goal of the activity is to delve deeper, exchange, and build alternatives about the reality we live in, and its projections toward the future.

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We have high expectations for participation and hope that there will be an attendance by all those who want to be an active part of this public educational proposal, free, pluralistic and open to the community. He finished.