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This is how $32 billion will be distributed to science projects in Llanos

This is how $32 billion will be distributed to science projects in Llanos

The Minister of Science, Tito Christian, highlighted the $7,166 million contributions from his departmental counterparts.

With 32,199 million pesos allocated, in royalties and corresponding resources from the proposed entities and allies, they will benefit from its development and implementation. 8 science, technology and innovation projects in five departments in the Llanos region.

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This was announced by President Yvan Duque Marquez and Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Tito Chrysian, At the most recent session of the Collective Authority for Management and Decision (OCAD), the body responsible for making calls and approving regional projects that will receive these resources.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation noted that “28 thousand people in the region will benefit from this investment of 32.199 million pesos, Of this, $25,033 million will come from the National Franchise Fund and $7,166 million will come from its departmental counterparts, which will generate 231 direct jobs and 462 more indirect jobs.”

The eight approved projects will generate 45 financial support services for master’s level training, 25 research articles, and one research infrastructure and 14 financial support services for technological development and innovation.

“These investments and significant budget allocations for these eight projects allow us to promote science, technology and innovation and support and promote the economic revitalization of our country.”MinCiencias Deputy Minister for Talent and Social Credits, Anna Maria Algor, reassured.

Eight scientific projects in the region will receive financial support.

In this way, three sectors of the national economy will be affected by these projects, promoting social, economic and environmental development: 3 educational projects, 4 projects in agriculture and rural development, and 1 in environment and sustainable development.

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Projects benefited by management

A total investment of $4,409,224,821 will be allocated to AraucaSupport two projects where 34 direct and 68 indirect jobs will be created, benefiting 184 Arocanians.

In Casanare County, two projects will benefit from contributions of $13,128,260,753, Reaching 26,376 people and creating 64 direct and 128 indirect jobs.

Guainía will receive support for one project that will create 14 indirect jobs and 7 more direct jobs, worth $785,116,632. That will benefit 7 people with financial support for master’s level training.

Vishada will benefit from two projects worth $9,741’320,622, to support a population of 1,395 people, With the creation of 43 direct jobs and 86 other indirect jobs.

For Vaupés, $4,135,276,496 will be allocated to a single project that will generate 83 direct jobs. and 166 more indirect, as 38 vaupenses will benefit from financial support for master’s level training.