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Coffee with a Woman's Smell: Why Carmen Villalobos Wasn't Chosen to Star in Telenovela |  Telemundo Telenovelas |  Chica

Coffee with a Woman’s Smell: Why Carmen Villalobos Wasn’t Chosen to Star in Telenovela | Telemundo Telenovelas | Chica

Remake of the seriesIt has gained in popularity, as much as the original version released in 1994. The fiction has such protagonists as William Levy and Laura Londono, and next to them is an antagonist . The thing that caught the attention of many about this election is that the Colombian actress, who had just been part of such a huge hit as “Paradise’s End”, was not chosen to be the heroine of the story. But there is a reason…

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In the latest version of “Scented coffee for women”Villalobos will play Lucia Sandoval, a character distinguished by her level of hostility, which was not very common in the Colombian actress. In her 20-year career, she had the opportunity to change her work, well, she always played the main character, but this time she is the villain.

Despite this, she still has the support of her followers who show her that she is very loved by everyone. This does not mean that they were surprised when Telemundo I started promoting a new formulation of “Scented coffee for women”with the cuban actor William Levi As well as Colombian Laura Londono as heroes. Why Carmen Villalobos Did you get the lead role? Below, we tell you.

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Why Carmen Villalobos wasn’t the leading player at CAFÉ CON AROMA DE MUJER

After the news that the successful Colombian series of the 90s will be remade, it was indicated that the heroes of the film will be two great actors considered by critics and fans to be the most emblematic, without specifying who they are. try to.

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Later, the biggest surprise was when they announced it Gaviota Will be London and the evil SandovalAnd the Carmen Villalobos. Specifically, the hero revealed details of how her choice was.

It is about to release a new version of “Café con aroma de mujer” and aims to capture the attention of viewers with the love story of Gaviota and Sebastián. (Photo: RCN)

I did the acting process, I stayed, and I was excited but didn’t say anything. At some point, Telemundo announced that coffee would be made and that they already had heroes. There will be William Levy, who works at Telemundo, and there will be Carmen Villalobos, who works at Telemundo, and he has already mentioned two of his dear Telemundo ‘, Londono said.

He also commented on the details about Carmen Villalobos. “But they never said that Carmen would be the protagonist‘, I note.

This production was already shown for the first time at RCN where it was well received by the television audience and the reviews showed it. Telemundo is expected to officially broadcast the telenovela within a week. All this also increased the expectations of the actors.

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Who writes coffee as a woman’s perfume?

Written by Fernando Gaitan, it premiered in 1994 in Colombia and was very successful in different countries. The story stars Margarita Rosa de Francisco (Gaviota) and Guy Ecker (Sebastián Vallejo). This production was a resounding success, which is why it became part of the lists of series classics.

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