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'Coffee smells like a woman': Why TV series haven't worked, according to Luces Velásquez |  Telemundo Telenovelas |  nnda-nnlt |  Fame

‘Coffee smells like a woman’: Why TV series haven’t worked, according to Luces Velásquez | Telemundo Telenovelas | nnda-nnlt | Fame

The modern version of the 1994 TV series, “”, is about to broadcast the final episode on RCN, where it will be broadcast to audiences in the United States and Colombia. This series stars Laura Londono, William Levy and , in the roles of Gaviota, Lucia and Sebastian, respectively.

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While viewers give their opinion of each chapter on social networksAfter each broadcast, a lot is said about the low rating of the love story it produced Giordanelli refused in the above countries.

But why was that said? “Scented coffee for women” It did not achieve large numbers of audience, although it does gather a large number of fans on the Internet. Next, find out what theory the actress has Velasquez lights, Who is playing Julia de Vallejo in melodrama.

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This series stars Laura Londono, William Levy and Carmen Villalobos, in the roles of Gaviota, Lucia and Sebastian, respectively (Photo: Telemundo)

Low rated peaks

The new version of the TV series created byY Fernando Gitan It was not as successful as other versions that were published years ago. In fact, the show has remained on Telemundo since its premiere as the least-watched series on the special schedule, if only broadcast projects are taken into account. Univision and Telemundo.

What los velasquez said

In this regard, the artist who gives life to the mother of the hero, has a very interesting explanation of what was going to happen with the Colombian program, and she announced this in a live broadcast that she did with Fernando Fabian Sarmiento, the author of the book Colombian Television History., in your account Instagram:

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“I think right now the rating scale is not a scale that adjusts to reality because people are already watching programs by platform so they don’t have to watch commercials because the way has really changed, because people see computers, because you can actually connect to the computer on the screen , for a thousand reasons, so it seems to me that this rating scale is relative.”

What did he say about his character?

velasquez He also took the opportunity to talk about the character he plays and about the racist and class behavior he has shown during the chapters that were broadcast:

“I don’t think Julia is a bad woman. I think Julia is a mistaken woman who didn’t want to go into the turn-of-the-century dynamics and change her kids. She’ll finally get it, but she’ll be on the verge of blows and blows, very, very hard. But that’s what life is about, the blows that change you” .