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BTS: Jungkook promised he'd never break |  K-pop |  celebrity nnda nnlt |  Fame

BTS: Jungkook promised he’d never break | K-pop | celebrity nnda nnlt | Fame

Undoubtedly, become one The most popular lately, not for nothing has tens of millions of fans, better known as ARMY, who are aware of everything that is happening with its members.

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as happened with , who made a promise some time ago to one of his bandmates. If you do not comply, your attitude will have some consequences that not everyone will like.

Next, we’ll tell you something and to whom the South Korean singer-songwriter who turned 24 on September 1 was promised something.

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BTS has received numerous awards such as six American Music Awards, nine Billboard Music Awards, and nominations at Grammy Awards and Brit Awards (Image: BTS/Instagram)

What promise did JUNGKOOK make to one of BTS?

We all know the great friendships formed within the group. One of them is And The latter made him promise him something unconditionally: that on his birthday, October 13, he would give him a painting of himself By himself.

And it is that in addition to being a dancer, singer, director, producer and composer, the artist loves art and on several occasions did not hesitate to share photos of his hand-drawn paintings on his social networks. He is also known to have designed the poster graphics that BTS included on their album “BE.”

Because this talent cannot go unnoticed, Jimin came up with an idea to ask him for one, this is after Jungkook gave his partner a picture for her birthday. Although he initially told him that he should give one to each one when the time was right, the fact that his birthday was approaching was a reason to remind him.

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Besides music, he loves art especially drawing and painting (Photo: Jungkook/Instagram)
Besides music, he loves art especially drawing and painting (Photo: Jungkook/Instagram)

What happens if JUNGKOOK doesn’t keep his promise?

In the event that Jungkook does not comply with Jimin, after making him promise this gift, as it was recorded on a VLive livestream when they released their album “BE Essential Edition,” everything will have consequences.

If he broke his promise, Jimin threatened to stop talking to himWell, he said he was very excited to receive the painting that his friend had painted.

Jimin, in 2013, made his debut as a member of Big Hit's BTS group (Photo: Jung Yeon-je/AFP)
Jimin, in 2013, made his debut as a member of Big Hit’s BTS group (Photo: Jung Yeon-je/AFP)

How will Jimin celebrate his birthday?

In addition to waiting for his long-awaited gift, Jimin plans for his birthday, October 13, to travel around the world with his private jet.

But first, the BTS leader will be celebrating another year of his life, we refer to RM, who will turn 26 on September 12. He will tour the streets of Mexico with a custom bus, created by ARMY.

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