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Cobo Torres receives a severe punishment for doping in Costa Rica

Cobo Torres receives a severe punishment for doping in Costa Rica

Mexican player Eric “El Cobo” Torres has been ruled out for two years By the National Doping Court of Costa Rica, after It results in a negative analytical result to Anti-doping test Which was conducted on November 15, when it still belonged to the Guanacastica Sports Federation.

This Wednesday, he was noticeably nervous and in the company of his wife, a Chivas youth player He went to the hearing He will be informed of the outcome of the investigation, although he will only hear from Juan Carlos Baldizón that he will have to stop for 24 months.

toIt has been disabled since last JanuaryHe will have to add an additional 20 months without any professional activity, which could affect the end of his contractual relationship with Herediano, the club he arrived at as a reinforcement last December.

They will appeal the penalty

In the statements he shares NationJuan Carlos Retana, the attacker's lawyer from Guadalajara, announced that they would continue the search Appeal the penalty so that it is less They even indicated that they were considering attending TAS.

He added: “The punishment according to custom was four years, but considerations were put in place that I cannot mention until I get the ruling and can determine it.” Why was this conclusion reached two years ago?. “There are mitigating circumstances that were evaluated to understand the circumstances in which the two-year sentence was imposed,” Retana commented.

He noted that in his client's case “There is an absence of negligence and guilt.”Words that reinforce what the cube said, which indicated that It was a medicine to treat an ingrown toenail Which raised your problem.

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“We believe that CONAD He is choosing the easy path “By harming the athlete again, while there are other aspects that should be taken into account, especially in the context of doping in a high-performance athlete,” the lawyer said.