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Closing streets and roads in the city and inside the country

Closing streets and roads in the city and inside the country

Members of Suntracks and other unions are keeping the roads closed. Ordinary Panamanians make efforts to get to work

A small group of people block the road near Carmen Church.Eric Marsescano | Star of Panama

Various parts of the city and the interior of the country are blocked, mainly by construction workers and members of the United Construction Workers Union (Suntracks) and other unions, in order to reject the Law 406 contract, which allows it to operate for 20 years. , extendable for the same period, Copper Panama Mine, in the Caribbean.

Arrijan/La Chorrera Highway, Inter-American Highway (near Santiago, Veraguas Province). Colon (outside Hugo Spadafora Franco Policlinica), in Panama City, demonstrators block roads on Avenida Balboa, Via Ricardo G. Alfaro, Via Cinquentinario, Transistemica, Iglesia del Carmen, Avenida Balboa, Chilipre, Bacora and Villa Zeta.

One of the features of closing streets is that very few people do so. The average Panamanian walks and makes enormous efforts to get to work.

Road and road closures caused losses of nearly $2 billion during 26 days of protests against the contract awarded to Minera Panama.

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