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Claudia Sheinbaum resigns as head of the CDMX government.  last minute

Claudia Sheinbaum resigns as head of the CDMX government. last minute

A new chapter in the political life of Claudia Sheinbaum Coming, since she announced her decision to permanently give up the post of Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt Mexico City Next Friday, June 16th.

The reason for his departure is his participation in the postthe National Council affiliate National renewal movement (Morena), where the party’s presidential candidate will be chosen for 2024 elections.

To become the nation’s first female president

in his words, Sheinbaum pass:

“Today, I would like to inform you that I have made the decision to definitively separate myself from office on June 16 from the present time, to become the first woman in the history of Mexico to lead the destinies of the nation.”

with this statementshows his ambition to reach Presidency of Mexico.

before you leave, Sheinbaum plans to hold a citizens’ meeting on June 15 at the Monument to the Revolution. During this event, he will have the opportunity to present the works that were carried out during his administration in Mexico CityIndicating the achievements and challenges that have been overcome.

Participate in the National Council of Morena

So far, the DC boss will be part of Morena National Council, Where along with other governing bodies, the National Coordinator of the Committees Fourth shiftwho would later become the party’s presidential candidate for elections in 2024.

This decision contradicts previous statements by Sheinbaum, who th On June 5, he stated that he would not be resigning from his position in Mexico CityOr unless she’s the winner of Morena’s presidential nominee poll. Until now He seeks to become the party’s presidential candidate and counteract other movement corcules.

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output Claudia Sheinbaum as head of the city government to Mexico It marks a new chapter in his political life. Her ambition to lead the country’s destinies pushes her to seek a candidacy for the presidency Brown woman. next policy steps The Mexican will be marked by this decision And for the upcoming presidential elections.