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This is a scam by the so-called CFE workers at CDMX

This is a scam by the so-called CFE workers at CDMX

Arturo Hernandezfollower Super educateda video clip on August 17 that showed how some of the criminals behaved as employees of the Federal Electricity Authority (CFE) and committing fraud through telephone fraud.

In the video, he showed that someone went to his house to put a message on his door informing him about it The service will be suspended within 12 hours And in his case they marked him as being fined to decode your counter.

When he called the phone number given in the document, which belonged to a supposedly named district manager Esteban Avendano Flores, They told him he had to pay $15,290 pesos. Arturo explained that the notice reached him over the weekend, so he was unable to pay at the CFE offices, they indicated.

So the clerk told him that he would have the support of his secretary, who told him on the phone about the cut-off time, and stated that to avoid it he had to pay part of the account number that he would send to him via WhatsApp.

Arturo confronts the woman, shows her the picture of the person who placed the document in her home, and tells her that he already knew it was a fraud, so the other person cut off contact. Finally he noted: “You know, if they come in with copies of their CFE telling them they owe 15,000 pesos, send them to hell.”

Last May, already warning through its social networks of the existence of this type of fraud, the CFE published a photo of a document similar to the one received by Arturo Hernandez, about which they asked users: “Do not be deceived! The information issued in this office is false. For any questions or Clarification, contact our official channels.

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Days before they showed other kinds of scams being carried out in their name: “Beware of scams and scams! Remember, CFE does not donate money to answer surveys and does not solicit bank information of any kind through advertising campaigns.

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