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Citizens with AutoExpreso fines will be able to renew their licenses and vehicle tags

Citizens with AutoExpreso fines will be able to renew their licenses and vehicle tags

Those drivers who have fines from AutoExpress Since the fee is used with insufficient funds, they will be able to renew their car sticker, as well as their driver’s licenses, as confirmed today by the Director of the Roads and Transport Authority (ACT), Edwin Gonzalez Montalvo.

The official confirmed that drivers will be able to complete the deal through the Driver Service Centers (Cesco) of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) or at independent inspection centers. This applies to fines issued even before Saturday, when the AutoExpreso system stopped working after experiencing a cyber attack (ransomware) which are investigated by state and federal authorities.

The governor said, “The Ministry of Transport and Public Works this morning canceled any requirement to implement any type of administration that requires a certificate of no debts in order to renew labels and licenses.” Noelia Garciaduring a press conference this morning from the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

“The intention is that there is no interruption in the renewal of these services, which are certainly a priority of the services provided by the government,” Garcia added.

Officials emphasized that citizens whose credit card information was recorded in the AutoExpreso system could be “completely calm”, as it was “not initially compromised” because it is “encrypted” data. They also confirmed that no driver will incur fines for traveling without money in their account.

In the meantime, it was reported that there will be no fines for citizens from Saturday 16 April until further notice, although the system will continue to record fees.

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They will not incur any fines from Saturday onwards. The (beautiful group) has been paralyzed indefinitely until we have full confidence in the system and it is restored.” ACT Director indicated.

The Minister of Interior added that they will take care of the additional security measures that they have to take to ensure services and any impact on the citizen. However, he said, there is no information on when access to the AutoExpreso platform can be restored.

“The AutoExpreso system was the target of a cyberattack. Federal authorities were certainly activated. Everything that is a government component has been made available to the company running this system,” Garcia said, referring to the Professional Account Management (PAM) company that has been running the system since 2018.

Gonzalez Montalvo confirmed that it was not until noon yesterday, Monday, that PAM officially informed the ACT that the AutoExpreso system had experienced a cyber attack or that data hijacking was observed.