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The pension of 113 retired generals was raised to R$100,000

The pension of 113 retired generals was raised to R$100,000

Director National Policemajor General Edward Albert thenannounced on Friday that 113 general officers of the Corporation, who are in retirement due to seniority in service and age, will begin to receive a pension of 100,000 pesos per monthThe result of the increase granted by the President of the Republic, Louis Abenader Crown Decree 856-21on December 30, 2021.

According to a police press release, the staff salary increase is part of a specific improvement program designed by President Abenader for the benefit of retirees from the regime’s foundation.

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He added, “This public administration will continue to work to achieve achievements that benefit its working and retired members whenever possible, in addition to expanding it to include all other members on equal terms.”

He said that this action shows President Abenader’s commitment to the regime’s institution and all its members.

The improvements in aspects related to social security were also highlighted and gradual development was encouraged in this regard.

He stressed that the aforementioned presidential decree was met with joy by the police officers who devoted a large part of their lives to serving their country through the various functions they exercise within the Public Order Authority.

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