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Chucky Lozano and Lynez shine among those agreed by Mexico against Iceland

Chucky Lozano and Lynez shine among those agreed by Mexico against Iceland

Herving Lozano and Diego Lenez starred in the Mexican national team, beating Iceland

The Choose Mexico He won his only match in preparation for the CONCACAF Nations League, in which he beat 2-1 over IcelandIn a match they knew how to struggle with, but ended up being introduced to the heavyweight champions in the national team.

By winning for the Gerardo Martino team, we present to you the 1×1 del Tri.


Alfredo Talavera

The national goalkeeper responded well on request. At goal Iceland He had no chance to intervene by touching the ball Edson Alvarez And it ended up surprising him.

Carlos Salcedo’s photo

The defender simply complied. It put the Mexican team in trouble in one game during the first half, but later rebuilt the road and secured it. In the second part he did not get into a problem.

Hector Moreno

The defense captain sometimes lacked speed due to the lack of activity he had in the year, but this made him contribute to the attack through the passing game, as he was close to scoring.

Jesus Gallardo

He never had a prominent place on the field. The rotation of the ball was tilted to the right side and went unnoticed for several moments, although he made important moves without the ball when looking for some movement on the left wing.

Andrew was saved

Captain Del Tree was an ally of the wool And Charlie Rodriguez. He tried to control the rhythm of the ball and sought to damage his mid-range shots that were past the goal.

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Diego Lenez

It was one of the highlights of 80 Minutes of Action. He started as a left winger, but as the match progressed, he became an obstacle, as he tried to make a difference, was participatory and in the second half he got a decisive pass for the partial tie. Fans applauded him.

Uriel Anton

He was the best player in Mexican national team In the first half. He blew his speed and dominated the right side. He had few chances to cause damage, but unfortunately the ball did not go into goal.

Hector Herrera

63 entered and immediately sought remorse on the right side, becoming an ally of the Diego Lenez Through walls and triangles. Realized help for Lozano Give victory to Mexico.

Herving Lozano

His talent and quality were noticed from his entry, he is the man who put not only talent for the national team, but also strength. From his feet the first goal of Gerardo Martino’s team was born and finished.


Jorge Sanchez

The American player was assertive on the defensive side, but missed him when he tried to generate danger on the opposing field, going on to become a winger at times. He did not achieve a single position for him an edge over his teammates.

Edson Alvarez

When the Mexican team had to defend, the Ajax player came down to the last line and joined the third center back. His only mistake was in the opponent’s goal, as his attempt to reject the ball only led him to change direction and send the ball into his net. He showed confidence in getting off the ball, but missed when he tried to make some long game changes.

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Carlos Rodriguez

The young Mexican tried to weigh in the middle of the field, controlling the ball and its distribution. His participation in the first half was classified, but during development he tried to damage him with medium-distance shots that did not reach the goal.

Gerardo Arteaga

His performance was modest and far from stellar acts. With half an hour of play, he failed to show the reason for his brilliance in Belgium and at his most visible show in the region, he decided poorly when he launched himself to hunt for a position.

Henry Martin

He had few chances in the first half. He had to go out of his area to try to touch the ball and act as a kicker for Uriel Antona. He weighed little as a forward center and failed to fill Raul Jimenez’s space.


Nestor Araujo

Safe on top and without the ball at your feet. The Celta player took part in a secret post after entering via Charlie Rodriguez.

Shaka Rodriguez

Not applicable for his short time in the field.