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Christian Pulisic and his new sarcasm towards the Mexican national team

Christian Pulisic and his new sarcasm towards the Mexican national team

The American striker made a new reference to the famous phrase “two to zero” after winning the CONCACAF Nations League title

American forward Christian Pulisic He added a new taunt to his repertoire against Mexican national teamwith a “reminder” of 2-0 in the final CONCACAF Nations League And Angry celebration.

The official account of the national team USA team X website, formerly Twitter, posted a video clip showing him Christian Pulisic During the third title celebrations CONCACAF Nations League for “Stars and Stripes” accompanied by the legendary “Christian, have you seen the scoreboard?”

“I didn't even notice that. Two to zero,” he replied. Pulisic To the camera.

The “two to zero” reference you are referring to Christian Pulisic This is mainly due to the hit that Mexican national team In the 2002 World Cup Korea and Japan, after their surprise elimination by South Korea United State With the aforementioned result in the round of 16, the legend began in Columbus, Ohio a year ago, where the American team made this stadium its stronghold in the playoffs during four stages on its way to the championship and celebrated the victories with these numbers on the electronic .

This is not the first time that Christian Pulisic Make fun of Mexican national team. Ahead of the knockout clash towards the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the team's tricolor goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa expressed that Mexico was “that mirror” in which the United States “wants to see itself, reflect it and emulate it”; The American responded on the field with a goal, as well as the legendary “Man in the Mirror” (“Man in the Mirror” in English) under the shirt.

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A year later, in the semi-finals CONCACAF Nations League, Christian Pulisic He scored twice and in his celebration played “rock-paper-scissors” with Weston McKennie, later to represent the score (2-0) using “scissors” and “rock”.