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Chivas separates Alexis Vega and Chicot Calderon for an indefinite period

Chivas separates Alexis Vega and Chicot Calderon for an indefinite period

The storm continues to cause chaos Chivas; Before El Clásico Tapatio, the board of directors decided to take advantage of the regulations and dismiss three members of the team indefinitely. Veljko PaunovicSo Alexis Vega, Christian Calderon And the young player Raul Martinez They will not be available to play on Saturday against the Atlas.

By statement, red and white painting Sanctions were confirmed for the three elements Who will work out separately with the aim of continuing their fitness.

“Club Deportivo Guadalajara informs that Alexis Vega, Cristian Calderon and Raul Martinez They failed to comply with the guidelines set forth in the bylawsSo starting today they will be separated from the team for an indefinite period. The three players at the club will work with a different program to maintain their physical and football fitness.”

Why did Chivas punish the three players?

According to the sources I reviewed Half the timeThe perpetrators: A Indiscipline at the Focus Hotel in Tolucaafter 1-1 draw against the Red Devils.

Calderon found consistency with Paunovicadding 717 minutes in the eight duels as a starter in the nine matches he has played so far, and has been consistent since the sixth round.

Martinez is a young player who recently made his debut for BaunoHe has a lot of future, although this lack of discipline can define him for a long time.

In case Alexis VegaThe discomfort in his knee kept him far from his best, and he tried to fight to get it back, but it was too much for him.

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Specifically, in addition to the Apertura 2023 fight, Vega must resume negotiations to renew his contractThis one wins In December of this yearOr search for new horizons.

The winger has 353 minutes, 1 goal, 1 sending off in 4 matches as a starter; In 3 others he changed.