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Chivas requested an investigation into the possible incorrect alignment of Mazatlán

Chivas requested an investigation into the possible incorrect alignment of Mazatlán

Omar Flores AldanaSeptember 27, 2023 at 02:04 ETReading: 3 minutes.

Vettelson: “It is a shame that Chivas are aiming for the three points”

Football analyst Picante did not hesitate to rebuke Chivas for claiming an inappropriate alliance with Mazatlán.

Under the regulation, Guadalajara had 24 hours to request an investigation into the incorrect alignment; David Feitelson noted that the herd has already implemented the procedure

Chivas He had 24 hours, starting when he finished his match against Mazatlanto claim the three points in the table, for the possibility Improper alignment to Joaquin EsquivelWho entered the match early in the 11th round with five yellow cards. David Vitelson said in Football Picante that the Guadalajara club requested an investigation from the disciplinary committee just over an hour after losing to the Canoneros 1-3.

Mazatlan Registered to Joaquin Esquivel, who received five yellow cards and, according to the regulations, must be suspended for one match. Three of those cautions were added to the Sinaloan squad, and he had two more from his time at Necaxa, during the first two days of the Apertura 2023.

According to the sanctions regulations, Chivas You have 24 hours, after completing the match, to send a letter alleging the allegations Improper alignmentwhich could be punished with a defeat from Sinaloa and a victory from Guadalajara on the table.

Chivas could win the duel against Mazatlan at the table.Picture 7

“Improper bias may be punished ex officio and/or at the request of one of the parties. In either case the following conditions must be observed: […] “In the case of the final stage, extraordinary matches or matches outside the match day, the period will be 24 hours after the end of the match in which the claimed events occurred,” reads the Sanctions Regulations, Article 44.

David Feitelson noted:Chivas “He’s really put a claim on the table to try and win the three points that he couldn’t win on the pitch.”

In the “media meeting” of the owners Mexican LeagueWhich took place on Monday, September 25 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, it was made clear that the regulations will be respected and there will be no facilities for anyone who does not adhere to them.

For this reason, the player was punished with defeat at the table. Pueblawho defeated the Xolos de Tijuana on the field Improper alignmentRayados de Monterrey was fined because different players scored with the same number in the same tournament.

If necessary, the Disciplinary Committee may open an investigation “ex officio” to review the act in question. Guadalajara He barely waited more than an hour for the process of winning the duel to finish Mazatlan on the desk.

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