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Chile's 'golden generation' knows what's at stake and the pressure it's putting 'on Ecuador' | Football | Sports

Chile’s ‘golden generation’ knows what’s at stake and the pressure it’s putting ‘on Ecuador’ | Football | Sports

DT de la Tri’s statements can be interpreted as a warning or an attempt to spoil the Red veterans with favouritism.

“They understand and make it clear that there is no other World Cup for many of them. So this is the moment. It is a team with players at a good level. The Ecuadorean coach, Gustavo Alfaro, said of Chile’s “golden generation” (the red players who won the US pecaphone title for their national team) in 2015 and 2016), “they know what they have to do”, in the preamble to the South American qualifiers. The match that these teams will play in Santiago this Tuesday.

Alvaro, who paid his respects to the group led by his partner Martin Lasarte, in comments published in the Chilean newspaper. thirdHe said he was not surprised by Chile’s recovery in the last three dates of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“Chile has been driven by its last three wins in a row. More so relative to the last time, as a visitor (against Paraguay), which allowed him to close the gap and get into so many classifieds for the first time. They will want to continue to support that,” Alvaro analyzed.

Ecuador and Chile are behind the same goal. In fact, the three colors are better placed than red in the quest for World Cup qualifiers: third with 20 points, four more than Lasarte.

Regarding the “golden generation”, which includes Arturo Vidal, captain Claudio Bravo, Gary Medel, Alexis Sanchez and other linagodos from that country who are active in foreign leagues as regular holders, Alvaro noted that this rubbish of items plays a crucial game, because they ” It is clear that there is no other World Cup for many of them.”

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Bravo, Real Betis goalkeeper, at 38, is the oldest in the squad. Vidal and Sanchez, both from Inter Milan, are 34 and 32 years old respectively. Medel, from Bologna, Italy, is 34 years old.

The other representative players are Mauricio Isla (33), Eduardo Vargas (31) and Charles Aranjuez (32), the latter of whom was released before the double date began due to a calf inconvenience.

In this context, DT Ecuador values ​​those of the “golden generation”. “They have the baggage, the travel and the hierarchy. They know how to play a tie. When things get tense, the value of the experience works and pays a lot.”

He also noted that the loss caused by striker Ben Brereton “is important but they have hierarchical names to be able to replace him.”

“Chile has players from many battles. One knows that the added value that Chile has is the generation of players who have won important things such as the Copa America and participation in the World Cup. The operations from Marcelo Bielsa have been good,” insisted Alvaro, who in the event of obtaining A draw could put Ecuador one step closer to the World Cup in Qatar. (Dr)