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Santa Fe lost to Lance Caldas and was eliminated from the BetPlay League |  Colombian football |  The League's Beat Play

Santa Fe lost to Lance Caldas and was eliminated from the BetPlay League | Colombian football | The League’s Beat Play

Santa Fe knew the need, so he put his best salary in Manizales, knowing the results of direct competitors, who preferred the Cardinal’s chest. Despite the situation, they could not decide on the options. Once Caldas wins 2 to 1, leaving the Lions dependent on a miracle.

Mejía and Sánchez, responsible for opening the stadium, to open on the flanks or connect with Velásquez and Osorio, those in an offensive career. The Cardinal box started the test, clearer at Denolis’ feet, with a good shot from medium distance, but the ball veered.

Once Caldas started putting pressure on Santa Fe’s exit, considering they started with Torrigano, which complicated the ball distribution at the start. The Lions’ luck was not the best, as they quickly lost Sanchez, who left the field with injury, and made way for Pico.

The people of Manizales began to take the ball more, and little by little they knocked on the door. A corner kick by Perez went to stop at half height, but Dannovi Quiñónez finished superbly, with half a ball, to set up the first goal in Palogrande.

The procedure is starting to change, as the Reds begin to find spaces in the attacking sector. John Velazquez found a ball, on the edge of the area, hit a powerful shot, scored the equalizer, giving more life to Santa Fe.

The second part began with the locals looking to win this honor, and arrived in the vicinity of the Castellanos region, which took a vertical from the Garcia Minder. There was no reaction and a change of attitude on the part of Santa Fe, who couldn’t keep up with the search for a second. The changes that Mendes made showed the intent to go find the game quickly.

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The cardinals started cheering when they got to the bands. Mejia sent a ball to Delgado, who crossed Osorio, a powerful shot, but Gonzalez arrived as a saver and took the ball off the line.

The minutes began to pass, and once Caldas began to do little to attack, more because of Santa Fe’s pressure, in their desire to go after the goal, knowing that victory would leave them with more straightforward options to qualify. . But the locals will take advantage of the spaces left by the team that turned everything to attack.

Alejandro Garcia took advantage of a ball that landed him in the area, after a poor start from Torrigano, set it at the mercy of Castellanos and set up Caldense to win. The defeat left Santa Fe with few options to qualify, as they would need outside results, and several, considering they were left with 25 units.