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Chico Perez takes third place in the Sprint Race with a double pass on Sainz and Alonso.

Chico Perez takes third place in the Sprint Race with a double pass on Sainz and Alonso.

Max Verstappen returned and won the mini-race in China, his first of the season

Mexican Czech Perez He finished in third place Sprint Follower Chinese Grand PrixHe started from sixth position and took over the position from there Fernando Alonso And Carlos Sainz In one maneuver at the end of the duel.

the Sprint It started with cloudy weather and low track temperatures and all drivers started on yellow tyres, although clouds were threatening rain.

The Czech started a fight with Carlos Sainz To occupy fifth place, but the Spaniard maintained his position with his good defense. They both earned a spot due to a bad maneuver Lando NorrisThe one who left the track and when he returned was overtaken by six drivers.

After a difficult start, things became tense. The Mexican fell on a small train Carlos Sainz And Charles Leclerc. All three can activate DRS; But no one was able to take advantage and pass.

Max VerstappenAfter some complicated first laps, he was able to pick up the pace and get away Carlos Sainz. He then went on to take the lead and pass first Fernando Alonso And then to Lewis Hamilton. Once he took the lead, the champion took a pace that was unbearable to the rest and powered his way to victory.

For his part, Chico was trailing the Spaniard by up to 0.5 tenths of Sainz, but it was impossible for him to get close to him, because he was unable to overtake Alonso, who was on board his car. Aston Martin He put up a good fight and managed to keep everyone at bay.

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Perez sought to be more aggressive and attacking Carlos Sainz On the inside of curves and cuts with this maneuver up to three-tenths. but, Ferrari He had an advantage over the strait.

The man from Guadalajara had to begin defensive maneuvers against attacks Charles Leclercwho looked four laps into the 19-lap race to attack him, but brought the curtain down on Monaco.

Things got heated on the track, as Sainz was able to keep up with Alonso and so the fight began Czech Perez He became an opportunist and a winner. The Mexican made a scissors action inside the curve and overtook both drivers to jump into third.

Chico cleared the dirty air and was able to begin to distance himself from his pursuers to finish the track in third place and pick up six points in the World Drivers' Championship.

The Mexican spoke about the maneuver he had with Alonso and Sainz, which ended up losing to the team leader Red Bull After chasing 15 laps.

“It was very difficult to pass Carlos and Fernando and we were fighting. By following each other, we had a lot of slippage. I had to defend myself from Charles at one point in Turn 14 and I had to pass them. They were very close and I had to pass them,” he said. “We finished close to Lewis (Hamilton).” Czech Perez.