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“Chicalote” or “Cardo Santo” is a pure medicine and aid for your garden, get to know it

This named “cannabis” with a wide distribution in Mexico, and its scientific name Argymon MonetaIt has many medicinal properties and is very useful for the garden.

“Moneta” means “armed” in reference to the many long thorns. This grass is a type of prickly poppy known by the common names of flat thistle, chikalot, or holy thistle.

The chicalut bears its flowers on erect, thorny stems that can be over a meter high. Its sap is yellow.

It thrives in semi-warm, semi-arid and temperate climates, and grows on abandoned farmlands, in agricultural areas or on roadsides.

Medicinal uses of chicory

The root is used as a substance to relieve lung pain. During a cough, tea prepared from the flowers is taken, as a laxative, the seeds are boiled.

It is also reported to be useful in treating jaundice, inflammation, cramps, inflammation, bleeding, healing, and other ailments.

The researchers have already tested the plant compounds on four cancer cell lines, and hope that they will soon be able to study their effect on a variety of tumors.

Uses of Chicalot in Huerta

In huerti it is used as an insecticide, insect repellent, fertilizer and pollinator attractant. We will tell you about it in the next video. Pay attention to minute 4:11, you will find all the preparations for the use of Chicalote in your garden.


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