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Sanitas Mayors Bets On Music Therapy For Emotional Well-being

Sanitas Mayors Bets On Music Therapy For Emotional Well-being

Sanitas Mayors launches a cycle of 120 concerts, in collaboration with the Foundation Musicians for Health, which will be held in Seven stays in Barcelona in November and December

With this proposal music therapy Sanitas Mayores is trying to promote in its residences in Barcelona A Active, Happy, Healthy Aging, and part of an initiative to improve the lives of older people of the World Health Organization (WHO), which declares the decade between 2021 and 2030 as the decade A decade of healthy aging.

Music is an activity that brings many benefits to the elderly due to its rhythmic and creative component

and that is Stress, isolation and uncertainty The exposure of elderly people during the health crisis caused by Covid-19 has exacerbated mental health problems in this population sector.

in this meaning, David Short, Medical Director, Innovation and Quality Senior Sanitas notes that “From Sanitas, we have been carrying out activities related to music therapy for years, recognizing the great contributions it makes in the Happy old ageAnd this new musical initiative increases commitment to this restorative treatment.”.

In addition, it confirms that it is “It is necessary to work in this field and cooperate with various entities for a healthy and happy old age with guarantees of a dignified life. This activity seeks Avoid those bad thoughts, reduce stress, improve mood, and relieve physical pain.

In these concerts that will last 60 minutes each It will also be done in an online formatSeniors will be able to enjoy live music, sing, dance, play instruments and even pre-select a group of songs, and be able to listen to the best soundtrack versions of their lives. In this way, it is intended Encourage participation during the event to enhance physical and cognitive benefits in the health of the elderly.

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Music is one of the activities that brings the greatest benefits to society due to its rhythmic and creative component, with a special focus on the elderly. Multiple studies have shown its effectiveness for Improve memory, physical agility, social relationships, mental health and cognitive stimulation.

In addition, these types of activities alsoHelps develop interactions between residents and healthcare workers, creating collective identity, cohesion and brotherhood among patients.