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Check out the rehabilitation work of Tobias Lasser Hall at the UCL Faculty of Science – Yvke Mundial

Check out the rehabilitation work of Tobias Lasser Hall at the UCL Faculty of Science – Yvke Mundial

On Saturday, Sector Vice President for Science, Technology, Education and Health (CITES), Gabriela Jiménez Ramírez, inspected the rehabilitation work of the Tobias Lasser Hall of the Faculty of Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

During his visit to the hall, he explained that the work is part of the recovery activities carried out by the Greater Bela Venezuela Mission, the Presidential Commission for the Restoration and Restoration of the UCV and the Ministry of Popular Power of Science and Technology.

“This academic space, a place for students to celebrate their graduation and hold seminars, is being completely restored through the efforts of the Bolivarian government in the company of the Presidential Commission, with the architect Dulce Medina, Academic Coordinator of the College,” said Dr. Romer Guzmán, Vice President of the Sector, in addition to research figures. Teachers and research coordinators, we share with you the progress of this work.”

The Minister of People’s Power for Science and Technology also assured that rehabilitation work will continue with the assistance of the Presidential Commission and UCV.

Likewise, he noted that “the country’s scientific research spaces, the headquarters building of the Faculty of Chemistry, as well as research laboratories and technological equipment,” are also being intervened for “the well-being of education in Venezuela.”

For her part, the architect of Gran Mision Venezuela Bella, Dulce Medina, explained that so far, in more than 84 work facades, it has been possible to restore 58 buildings that are now at the service of the educational community.

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In addition, he explained, “We have restored the stadiums and cultural spaces, and the main hall is now in good condition and has been used for graduation ceremonies and university events, thanks to those instructions issued by the President of the Republic.” Nicolas Maduro, in the formation of this presidential commission led by our Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.”

He stressed that returning these spaces to teachers and students allowed scientific and technological policies to begin to give results, given the large number of research and projects being developed. In addition, he added that the rehabilitation work includes not only waterproofing and air conditioning bathrooms and services, but also providing the necessary equipment.

For the Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of Science at the University of California, Dr. Romer Guzmán, the rehabilitation work represents an important work for the educational and student community, which is involved in various activities, such as mathematics lessons and others.

“We now have a large number of students and we hope that next semester we will receive more new students, who will study, among their subjects, mathematics here, using completely different technology; We will be able to help them so that they can continue their academic development during their studies.

Dr. Guzman mentioned that in the Tobias Lasser Hall, important activities such as undergraduate ceremonies, undergraduate ceremonies, medal presentations and other events are carried out.

He stressed: “We are ready to use the hall again in a more comfortable way than before.”

In mid-2021, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, ordered the formation of a commission to restore the UCV university city of Caracas, which had been exposed to the indifference of its previous authorities and the attacks of unilateral coercive measures against the country. nation. .

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This presidential committee is chaired by the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodriguez, and consists of various entities in the Venezuelan state.

Source: YVKE World