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Ciencia returns and achieves victory over Ordizia (29-19)

Ciencia returns and achieves victory over Ordizia (29-19)

Real Ciencias won a match that was difficult for Sevilla to control against Ambu Ordizia (29-19), which managed to take the lead in the first half, but suffered a domestic comeback in the second half.

In order to change the deadlock, Sencia jumped on the grass of La Cartuja, and thus was able to open the scoreboard after six minutes, with a shot that passed Sebas Poet’s goal accurately.

There was no clear dominant. The match was not smooth, and both teams made mistakes, and Gabbasi took advantage of Sevilla’s lack of discipline to add three goals in the 12th and 18th minutes.

in it 21′ Alex Salita’s sending off arrives Ampo Ordizia will play at a disadvantage for the rest of the match. Ms. Lee showed the red card after the violent intervention on Pedro Kane.

The Sevilla striker looked superior. In the 26th minute, the first attempt of the match came after A Touch Mall In the twenty-second visitor identified by Vicente del Hoyo. Sebas turned poet.

With the numerical superiority and the score in their favour, the locals lost control of the match incredibly well. In the 28th minute, Matthias Gabassi sent a penalty kick against the post. Half an hour later, the forces were balanced after the temporary expulsion of Juan Dominguez. In the 32nd minute, Lander Mujica completed a group play from several stages until finding the goal area. Matthias Gabassi converted.

When it seemed that the first half would end at the Gipuzkoa Stadium with a local test, a new scientific error occurred, which led to a counterattack by the visitors. Penalty kick converted by Mathias Gabassi to put it into the goal 10-16 at halftime.

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Real Ciencias improved in the second half, becoming sharper. In the 44th minute, Antonio Garcia trained on the right wing Where Sevilla’s long attack led to superiority. Damien Hooper transformed.

Seville’s pressure continued, with several stages in the 22nd round for the Guipuzcoan team in search of a new test. In the 50th minute, it was Enrique Cuadrado who trained After breaking the visitor’s defense line.

At 24-16 Ambu Ordizia did not consider the match a lost one. Scientists have made mistakes in attack and defense. In the 78th minute, Egoetz Garcia who advances the ball, avoiding opponents from his own 22 to the Sevilla 22, is stopped by a French ball at the extreme. Ms. Lee dealt a punishing blow to the science team, causing Matthias Gabasi to score 3 additional points. In those moments The Basques got an extra point and a chance to get the ball back To try for a final comeback.

But it will be Real Ciencias who will add. touches In favor of those of Goierri on the division. Throwing error, Nacho Salazar picks up the ball as he advances several meters inside the opponent’s court, cutting the ball open for Cebas the Poet who fires a cross kick to the right flag to reveal Jaime Camarero, his first attempt in the section of honor and the approval of the point bonus. Final: 29-19.

Review by Manu Sobrino

After the match, Real Ciencias coach Manu Sobrino stated, “It was a difficult match we faced today. Again the first half was very bad, we made a lot of mistakes in the scoring area and we were very undisciplined, with Ordizia.” We were penalized 3 points for every penalty shot we took. The second half was different. We were more connected. We put the ball in front and imposed our play a little more, taking advantage of the numerical superiority. In the last match we got something very important that kept us in the table.

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“I’m happy with the five points but I realize that we have to be demanding and ambitious to improve, we are far from our best level. We have to play the last game of the year in Cisneros, which is essential to finish with a good feeling before the final.” Christmas break.” added the Sevilla coach