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Charlie and Gohiron arrive in Miami

Charlie and Gohiron arrive in Miami

The dream comes true! Charlie and Joyron have just arrived in Miami; The long-desired US tour is now a reality.

“From the neighborhood to the world! Thank you to everything that exists to make this possible! Thank you to all our fans, this is thanks to you, I know many will be happy about this.” Let’s break up! Charlie and Jewelron in Yuma“, reads a post by the artists on Instagram.

Charlie, who had previously traveled to the United States, left the airport first, and also joined in welcoming Gohairon, whose mother and sister were waiting for him.

the singers They did not reveal anything on their social media networks about the trip.so he surprised his fans.

Reggaeton musicians were also met at the airport by promoters Miami Vice who will be in charge of the tour.

Many Cubans wonder if the duo will return to the island, and so far the two artists have said it is a business trip to the United States.

Charlie and Gohairon were scheduled to arrive in Miami at the beginning of next December, but problems with Gohairon’s visa approval delayed this moment, and forced the duo to postpone the concerts whose tickets were sold out for the first days of the month.

Miami Vice promoter Angel Sanchez confirmed the dates The concerts will be held in Miami on December 29 and 30 at La Scala.

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