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Victoria Beckham leaks massive photo of David Beckham in lingerie

Victoria Beckham leaks massive photo of David Beckham in lingerie

Victoria Beckham She made a joke about her former football player husband David Beckham, owner of the MLS soccer team Inter Miami. The former Spice Girl caught David on the floor, but inside Breechestrying to fix his TV.

The fashion designer also posted a photo of her husband on her official Instagram account with the comment: “The electrician came to fix the TV… You’re welcome! @davidbeckham”.

Hundreds of her followers thanked Victoria for the detail before Christmas, a gift they will never forget as she showcased her partner’s gifts.

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Victoria Beckham was going to marry an electrician

last October, David Beckham Showing for the first time new The Beckham documentary is on Netflix Since then he has given something to talk about, telling many stories that many of his fans don’t know about, such as the time his wife Victoria talked about cheating on her husband with Rebecca Loos.

Victoria Beckham He has always stolen the spotlight alongside David Beckham, and in this documentary details of his private life are also featured, which shed light on his past experiences. Engagement of an electrician named Mark Woods.

The former Spice Girl met her ex-boyfriend at the age of 14 and their relationship lasted six years until they became engaged, with Woods giving her a ring; However, when Victoria rose to fame she decided to break up with him because he was not hers.

He wasn’t the right person for me.I wasn’t having fun, so it had to stop. I didn’t return the ring to him either. I still have it because it was a vicious episode. It’s not terrible? “It makes me seem very materialistic,” Victoria admitted in an interview at the time.

David Beckham pictures that made Victoria Beckham explode

despite of David and Victoria Beckham They are one of the most powerful couples in the world of sports and entertainment, the wife of the former football player and the mother of his four children. She broke out over some photos of her husband with Jennifer Lopez.

The photos with JLo came to light when the former Spice Girl was about to give birth to her son, Cruz Beckham, in 2005, a time when Victoria wasn’t completely okay with the pregnancy.

The fashion designer also scheduled her cesarean section in a Madrid hospital and discussed the possible date of birth with her husband, but David indicated that there was a scheduling conflict due to the commercial that she would present alongside the “Bronx singer.” “And Beyoncé for Pepsi.

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David Beckham was unfaithful to his girlfriend

“Yes, I got to take a photo with Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé,” Beckham said. His wife’s response was immediate. She explained as she recalled what happened: “I was about to explode, lying in bed (thinking): Are you kidding me?” “You have a fucking photo shoot with Jennifer Lopez, and she’s beautiful and she’s not about to have a baby.”.

“I remember lying there, let’s say, not feeling my best, and I remember someone showing me the front page of the newspaper,” the singer said. The former singer added: “It was a beautiful photo of David between Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. The headline was: ‘What would Bush say?’ Let me tell you what you want Bush to say, “Bush was driven..,” Victoria Beckham revealed in her husband’s documentary “Beckham” available on Netflix.

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