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Carmen Salinas’ daughter says her mother is still in a coma and doesn’t show “negative changes” |  Famous

Carmen Salinas’ daughter says her mother is still in a coma and doesn’t show “negative changes” | Famous

Maria Eugenia Placencia, the daughter of Carmen Salinas, stated that her mother “Stay the same” in a comaHowever, he also said that His health has not deteriorated.

“It’s sensitive, it’s been over 48 hours and nothing has happened There is no negative change“The other members are doing very well,” he said in a phone interview with “Haya Farah” on Saturday, November 13.

He shared that he was able to see his mother and the first time the 82-year-old actress performed a A potential trigger in your body.

“The first time I saw her she spoke in her ear and saw that she moved her little feet, one imagined positive things, but Maybe it was the body’s reaction […] “Of course he listens to me,” he said.

Maria Eugenia Placencia Salinas, the only daughter who also survived the producer, said that Sunday, November 14, would be her birthday and she would have a completely different time than previous years.

“Tomorrow is my birthday, I won’t be able to celebrate with herHe said in a broken voice.” He added that the family lives through moments of “anxiety” and “sadness”, but continues with “with great faith.”

“It is necessary to keep asking until the last thing in our Father God.”

“We wish a miracle from God”: Carmen Salinas’s relatives say the Mexican actress’s condition is sensitive

They remain positive and do not think about making “decisions”

“No, I haven’t talked about it now, I focus on my mother’s development‘ He said forcefully in ‘Come joy.’

Mexico united in prayer

After noon on November 12, a religious ceremony was held to demand the speedy recovery of the artist, and it was transmitted via live broadcast.

Carmen Salinas’ daughter asked the audience to continue to pray for her mother, who “is adored by everyone”.

What does Carmen Salinas own?

On the morning of November 12, the granddaughter of actress Carmen Placencia explained that her grandmother had been evaluated by several doctors and three neurologists agreed that her condition was complex.

“It does not move, has the fan It helps her breathe, which is one of the functions she performs The trunk, which is one of the parts that are damaged,” he commented in an interview with Come Joy.

“Today my grandmother has vital jobs that my grandmother continues to do She is in a serious coma but she is aliveHe added in statements to “Talaat Al Shams”.

For his part, Gustavo Briones, Carmen Salinas’ nephew and right-hand man, explained that Your aunt’s status is ‘unfit for work’ And He denied being brain dead. In addition, he explained that it helped with breathing, but was not intubated.