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Carlos Queiroz and revelations about his time in the Colombian national team |  Choose Colombia

Carlos Queiroz and revelations about his time in the Colombian national team | Choose Colombia

Colombia lives the World Cup from home, on TV, while the group stage is being decided. Iran, led by Carlos Queiroz, was eliminated in the third game, after losing to the United States.

The memory of the strategists in the Colombian environment still lurks, where the process began that left the tricolor without going to the World Cup, despite the fact that their numbers were not bad. In an interview with the Colombian media, in the mixed zone after the match against North America, he was questioned about the tricolor.

Honest, but at the same time diplomatic, the Portuguese strategist spoke of the lack of the tricolor in the competition, as well as the complexities it suffered at the time ‚ÄúColombia deserved to be in the World Cup, with the players they had. If you remember correctly, the The second qualifying round matches came at a crazy time. The preparation, the players who stayed in Europe who didn’t play, everything about Covid was crazy.”

My opinion was that when we played the second round of the qualifiers, my opinion was that Colombia was not in a position to play, because of the preparations, and whoever did not arrive, it was not the right time. The decision was made and it was respectableIt added about the level the players had, with the complexities of additional sports.

sequelRemember, in the morning I test, before training I test, you can’t get to training because there is a positive result. Getting to the World Cup without training, because you’re in the hotel doing tests, it wasn’t the best“.

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He also referred to the new operation led by Nestor Lorenzo “The future is always better, and the people who pray will take the lessons of the past. They will not make the same mistakes“.

He concluded without mentioning other factors, but left in the air that there were more incidents and factors that led to truncating the process that began with Colombia, even by referring to that recent commitment, adding factors as a result of the pandemic and restrictions.It was not the only thing, but it significantly delayed the quality and performance of the team. Some players have gone nearly a year without coming to the country. When they returned from Europe for the game, their family and friends had an emotional need to be together. In the last match they arrived in Colombia to return to Europe. The worst thing that happened was that the heads of the players weren’t right“.