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Capitol police reportedly indicated they would only monitor anti-Trump protesters on Jan. 6

Capitol police reportedly indicated they would only monitor anti-Trump protesters on Jan. 6

Washington (CNN) – A U.S. Capitol police official on the morning of Jan. 6 instructed to monitor “anti-Trump rebels” who want to start a fight “for all outsiders,” not just any “pro-Trump”, but the findings of a recent internal investigation into the meeting.

Representative Joe Lofren described the radio broadcast during an investigation by the House management into security breaches surrounding the January 6 attack.

In that broadcast, the agent said: “Look at all the factions in the field, we are not looking for any pro-Trump in the crowd. According to Lofgren of the Democratic Party of California, we are looking for any pro-Trump who wants to start a fight.

Lofgren, who chairs the commission, said he was quoting an account of the radio call that was discovered by the Office of Professional Responsibility on Jan. 6 following a series of allegations of misconduct by officers. He did not identify the agent.

A Capitol Police spokesman told CNN that the described radio connection occurred at 8 a.m. on the day of the riot. A spokesman said it was intended to guide agents to see conflicts between agents Pro-Trump And counter-opponents. A spokesman said the officer who made the comment had not been questioned.

Neither Capitol Police nor Congress released the audio of the broadcast.

U.S. Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolten announced last month that he had not yet read the internal reports of the investigation, which included allegations against 36 officers, but planned to do so when it was completed.

A commission aide told CNN that Lofren’s question underscores that the Capitol police, based on the intelligence available at the time, had plenty of reasons to expect violence from pro – Trump opponents directed at him. Capitol and lawmakers, but ‘despite all this rhetoric online கால On the morning of January 6 Capitol police supervisors are instructing their leading line agents to prioritize anti-Trump protesters.

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In the future, Bolton will be able to “review radio broadcasts, and he plans to reconsider inventions and command and control communications, knowing now that there is a specific charge against those communications, he should specifically analyze it,” the aide said.

Loffgran’s interpretation of the radio broadcast in question provides a rare insight into the type of conduct of the Capitol Police, which is considered part of the current investigation.

A department spokesman told CNN on February 6 that six U.S. officials were killed in the January 6 riots. Capitol police officers were suspended with pay for their actions. Of the 36 agents investigated since January 6, 23 cases have been closed. A department spokesman told CNN last month that thirteen cases were under investigation.

One of the suspended officers took a selfie with someone who was part of the mob that captured Capitol, said Tim Ryan, a Democrat representative from Ohio at the time. Another wore a “Make America Great Again” hat and started running people around the building, Ryan added.

Operational Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Bitman said in January that “some Capitol police officers and officials who appear to be violating departmental rules and policies are actively investigating videos and other open source material.”

CNN’s Whitney Wilde contributed to this report.