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The U.S. Attorney's Office has asked that the appeal filed by Nicolas Maduro's leading man, Alex Chop, be dismissed.

Cape Verde’s judge will decide before August 24 whether to extradite Nicolas Maduro’s man Alex Chap to the United States.

Alex Chop

Cape Verde’s Constitutional Court announced On August 24, Colombian businessman Alex Sappe will announce his decision to deport to the United States., Man before Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, accused of money laundering.

The court met on Friday at the public hearing without Alex Saab appearing in defiance of his request. Asking both parties, The court deliberately met and announced its decision by August 24, Confirmed by a journalist from the news agency AFP.

The United States has accused Nicolas Maduro and his regime of manipulating a large network to divert food aid to Venezuela for their own benefit..

He was charged in July 2019 with money laundering in Miami. He was arrested during the technical phase of his flight in Cape Verde In mid-June 2020.

Passport of Alex Chap
Passport of Alex Chap

In March, the Supreme Court of Cape Verde confirmed his extradition. Chab is under house arrest and has appealed to the Constitutional Court.

Saab condemned the “injustice” associated with the “political nature” of his arrest and sent an email to judges of the Constitutional Court in the United States on Wednesday.

On Friday, near the courthouse, about 300 people protested, demanding the release of Alex Chap and the cancellation of the extradition process.

“Cape Verde is a very small country and its authorities should not be involved in issues that violate us,” he explained. AFP A young opponent, Edson Guido.

His partner, Alvaro Pulito, has been charged with embezzlement, with Saab, 49, transferring $ 350 million to foreign accounts owned or controlled by him outside of Venezuela. Both face up to 20 years in prison.

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The Venezuelan regime, which granted Saab nationality and granted him diplomatic treatment with the title of special envoy, described the detention.Spontaneous”.

Alex Chop is imprisoned in Cape Verde
Alex Chop is imprisoned in Cape Verde

The last order of sap protection

Security of a Colombian businessman “Political motives“Of course, as one of Sabin’s lawyers told the media, Geraldo Almeida, “The political nature of the allegations and the demand for extradition were clearly demonstrated throughout the process”, Cape Verdean is unconstitutional, prohibiting deportation for political reasons.

Prosecutors made the request this Friday during the main hearing for the Colombian businessman, where the Constitutional Court of the African island (TC) is expected to evaluate appeals filed in connection with the circumstances surrounding Saab’s arrest.

In particular, the court had to decide yesterday Saab was arrested on a charge of unconstitutionality (Concrete study of the Constitution) and On appeal Filed by his lawyers.

However, Cape Verdean DC did not disclose its decision and will announce the verdict within a maximum of 10 days.

Also refers to the policy of “Saabin Safety”Double criminal”, The facts to be handed over should be a crime in both countries, something that did not happen in this case because the crimes alleged by the US do not exist in an African country.

Under the same policy, DC needs to find out if there is a criminal charge against Saab in Venezuela.Because, “if there is no crime in Venezuela, there can be no crime in Cape Verde,” Almeida said.

The Attorney General, on the other hand, Jose Landim -This week Saab, along with judicial police inspectors, detained him for crimes of physical integrity, torture or degrading treatment- He maintained that it did not add new arguments and was not unconstitutional.

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(With AFP and EFE information)