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Bow and arrow attack in Norway 'appears to be an act of terrorism'

Bow and arrow attack in Norway ‘appears to be an act of terrorism’

(CNN) – The Norwegian Police Security Service said in a press release on Thursday that Wednesday’s bow and arrow attack in Norway, which killed five people, “appears to be an act of terrorism.” He added that the investigation “will explain in more detail the motive behind these incidents.”

Meanwhile, police have identified the alleged attacker as 37-year-old Espen Andersen Brathin, who was arrested in Hitigata district after the incident, according to the statement. Bråthen will appear at Buskerud District Court in Kongsberg on Friday.

For his part, Police Chief Ole Priedrup Severud said the suspect in the attack was a convert to Islam. In addition, he revealed that police had been in contact with the man prior to Wednesday’s killing for fear of him becoming an extremist.

The bow and arrow attack occurred on Wednesday in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg, 85 km west of the capital, Oslo. Later, the police arrested the 37-year-old (a Danish citizen who lives in the city).

On Thursday, the police chief said all the victims, four women and one man, were “between 50 and 70 years old”, although he made it clear that “no one has been officially identified yet. It will take time.”

Norway’s royal family expresses its ‘pain and despair’ over the attack

The King of Norway expressed his condolences in a short message to the Mayor of Kongsberg over the attack in the city.

“We are shocked by the tragic events that took place in Kongsberg last night. We stand in solidarity with the family and the afflicted in their grief and despair. We think of all those affected by Kongsberg who suffered because their safe local environment has suddenly become a dangerous place,” said King Harald. It rocks us all when horrific things happen near us, when you least expect them, in the middle of everyday life on the street.”

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The King ended his statement by saying that “Norway is a small country. When Kongsberg is now affected by the same influence of society, the rest of the nation is with you. We send warm thoughts to all those who are now having a hard time and to all of them.” For those who have difficult work tasks ahead. We hope that security will return so that fear does not take root.”