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Biden tells a Fox News reporter "a bitch's stupid son" |  International

Biden tells a Fox News reporter “a bitch’s stupid son” | International

When Joe Biden When a press conference is over and the president takes the bait, journalists often shout out pending suspicions. It is not uncommon for the US president to insult a reporter in the midst of questions, as happened at the White House this Monday. Steve Ducey, a Fox News correspondent for the Conservative network, shouted at the Democrats if he thought so. Inflation – at 7%, a 40-year record– There will be a “political position” Ahead of the legislative elections in November.

– “This is a huge asset … and inflation” – the President replied jokingly, openly believing that the microphone had been turned off. “Stupid son,” he continued. Biden and Doosi have had several tense meetings during their presidential appearance. At night, when the video was already viral, the president called the reporter and apologized. The journalist, who was thankful for the gesture, said on the Sean Hannity show on Fox that Biden had “clarified things” in the call and told him that the explosion was “not personal”.

Prior to the episode, Biden complained to reporters that all questions were about the military presence in Ukraine. Tensions with Russia. The exchange between Doosi and the president was not broadcast on White House channels, but on American television, C-SPAN. Within minutes of the video spreading on social media, Fox News commentators devoted themselves to criticizing the president’s approach.

When Democrats became president, he told reporters: “I’m not kidding when I say this: If you ever work with me, if I ask you to treat another colleague with disrespect or contempt, I promise I will fire you. Place.” After four years of fiery rhetoric with Donald Trump, Biden waved the Union Respect and the Union flag at the Oval Office.

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The tone not only distinguishes the two mantras, but also the relationship with the press. Unlike the Republicans, Biden generally does not seemingly answer many questions to reporters. Last week he starred in his second solo press conference in a year since he came to the White House.

Although he talks less to the press than his predecessor, the relationship is better. During the Trump era, he accused the media of being dishonest and deliberately underestimating his achievements. Critics targeted major television and writing media, with the exception of Fox News. Rhetoric against the press undermined the confidence of conservative citizens in journalism. In 2017, 85% of Republican voters believed the media had a negative impact on the United States, up from 68% in 2010, according to a Pew Research poll.

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