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Best States to Live – NBC Los Angeles

Best States to Live – NBC Los Angeles

We all want to live in a place that is safe for us, good job opportunities, fun places for our family and, of course, not expensive.

If you’re active and thinking of moving, the WalletHub portal reveals which are the best states to live in America in 2023.

The study compared 50 states based on five categories: accessibility, economy, education and health, safety and quality of life.

And the results are:

10 Best States to Live in

  1. Massachusetts.
  2. New Jersey.
  3. New Hampshire
  4. NY
  5. Wyoming
  6. Florida
  7. Virginia
  8. Idaho
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Minnesota

Why is Massachusetts at the top of the list? It was mentioned as the best state in terms of education and health and the best state in terms of safety and security.

New Jersey, ranked second in the study, ranked first for safety, New York ranked fourth and ranked first for quality of life.

If you’re wondering which are the worst states to live in America, these are: New Mexico, Alaska, and Louisiana.

If you want to see the complete course, Click here.

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