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Barcelona demands repair of damages caused by ‘defective VAR service’ at Clasico del Astelero |  National Championship |  Sports

Barcelona demands repair of damages caused by ‘defective VAR service’ at Clasico del Astelero | National Championship | Sports

Through a note of protest addressed to the FEF Steering Committee, the bullfighting directive also demands refunds.

After the unpublished chapter that took place in the Clasico del Estelero last Saturday, due to the failure of the video arbitration system (VAR) “around the 38th minute of the first half”, FC Barcelona issued a protest note before the National Committee. Arbitration (CNA) from the Ecuadorean Football Federation (FEF) and in turn requested a detailed report from the company that provided the technology service, Hawk-Eye Innovations.

“On behalf of FC Barcelona, ​​I present to you a note of active protest against the defective Video Assistant Referee Service or Video Assistant Referee Service – VAR for its English acronym – presented by Hawk-Eye Innovations, at the El Clásico del Shipyard held yesterday (Saturday 10 July) at the Banco Pichincha Stadium, in the 11th of the LigaPro,” the foundation indicated in a statement addressed by President Carlos Alvaro Moreno.

According to Alvaro Moreno, FC Barcelona has provided Hawk-Eye Innovations with “all the available technical, logistical and technological facilities, which include, but not limited to the adaptation of the VAR room in accordance with strict international standards, high-speed Internet before, during and after the event”.

Through a document, Barcelona SC gives an account and a reason “at about the 38th minute of the first half” a series of VAR malfunctions began”.

To this, adds the yellow club manager, the club’s board of directors has covered “with a sufficient expectation of 100% of the high costs of service” that includes the use of this technology.

“In the approximately 38th minute of the first half, a series of defects began that prevented its use and caused discomfort to all national football players, including our fans,” the statement read.

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“In the face of these facts, I request through you that a detailed report be provided to us in the shortest possible time by the contracting company and the immediate repair of all damages resulting from the provision of this defective service, or in the absence of this, the return of the amounts paid.”

Similarly, Alvaro Moreno urged Roger Zambrano to provide the corresponding report on the actions of the assistant referees for VAR. Those appointed are Carlos Orb (VAR), Monica Amboya (AVAR), Jose Luis Espinel (VAR Monitor) and Wilson Avila (quality manager).

On the other hand, Ecuador’s Professional Football Federation and its president Miguel Angel Llor have denounced responsibility for the “disastrous performance of the VAR system” in the confrontation between the Canary Islands and electric power. (Dr)