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Barbara Mori's son dropped the last name of his father Sergio Mayer: here's why

Barbara Mori's son dropped the last name of his father Sergio Mayer: here's why

Barbara Mori's son dropped the last name of his father Sergio Mayer: here's why

Sergio, the first son of Bárbara Mori and Sergio Mayer, is looking to make his way in the music world, and says why he won't use his father's last name.

By: Paulina Flores

Will Sergio Mayer reconcile with his son? The actor made him a serious proposal

The son of Barbara Mori and Sergio Mayer, Sergio seeks to make his way in the world of entertainment without his father's last name.

Although he is not in the acting field at the moment, Sergio Mayer Mori, 26 years old, has begun to plant his roots in the world of art through music, where he will launch a project through which he aims to eliminate prejudices.

Why doesn't Barbara Mori's son use Sergio Mayer's last name?

The father of 7-year-old Mila Mayer Subtil has announced the launch of his new music act for which he wants to be recognized under the pseudonym Mori.

“I already changed it (name).” It is something that is already known and you can see it at any time. The musical project is Mori, nothing more.”

The actor also explained in the interview published by Bernice Ortiz on March 14 that Morey wants to be recognized as a singer and musician, regardless of his acting career or other future projects.

He explained: “Regardless of my full name, which is who I am now and who I will act in the future or do something else.”

“What we were looking for in this was for it to be more concise and precise, without these biases that come from hearing the full name, and to have a more open mind and see this new project as a new phase.” Confirm.

What is Sergio Mayer Mori's relationship like with his parents?

During his stay at La Casa de los Famosos México, Sergio Mayer spoke about the estrangement with his eldest son due to his strict method of education, admitting that without his help, Sergio Mayer Mori was able to move forward.

“The relationship is a bit estranged because he is very free and he made his own decisions. I respected him a lot, and stayed away from him. I wanted to help him a lot in his career, and I would love for Sergio to move forward without my support,” he said at the time.

Likewise, Barbara Mori expressed her unconditional support for her eldest son's music career through a recent Instagram post.

“It's incredible the ability you have to realize your dreams and find someone along the way to build those dreams on. How beautiful what my eyes saw last night! What a pleasure listening to you, listening to them. Your music, the atmosphere and the energy, what an experience Beautifully introduced to us, “I love and admire you to no end,” he wrote last December.