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Bad Bunny sings at the top of the RBD theme in his lungs and Anahí . responds

Bad Bunny sings at the top of the RBD theme in his lungs and Anahí . responds

In the 2000s, the band RBD appeared, a group that not only distinguished a generation, but also became an icon of music, so much so that their songs are still heard, and many of today’s greatest singers proclaimed themselves loyal followers.

At first it was Carol J, who at one of his concerts in Mexico invited Anahi to perform one of the band’s greatest songs, “Sálvame”; This moment became one of the most epic moments in music and fans of “Bichota” were grateful to watch it.

Now, Bad Bunny himself has become a trend by sharing a video on his social networks of him singing the same song, but in a very strange way. Benito appears on the recording, in dark glasses and a black hat, very similar to the one used by exRBD in the music video; While singing part of the choir.

In a few hours, the singer’s clip exceeded 10 million views and, as expected, received hundreds of comments from users who not only praised him for showing fanaticism towards the extinct band; They also filled him with compliments because they emphasized that it showed that he knows how to sing and that he does it well.

Anahi responds to Benito

It didn’t take long for the Bad Bunny video to spread on the networks, making it reach the hands of Anahi, who was originally performing the said song, and through the same platform, the singer and actress not only interacted with Benito’s song, and also sent him a message: “You know Bad Bunny wrote, let’s go “pa’l mambo”.

Save me was released in 2005 and was the third single from the album “Rebelde”, on which the group debuted; In addition, it was used to promote soap operas starring Anahi, Dulce Maria, Mate Perrone, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Aukerman, and Christian Chavez and was later recorded in both Portuguese and English.

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