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Azteca Stadium worth 20 million pesos, the next drawing of the National Lottery.  |  Algebraic

Azteca Stadium worth 20 million pesos, the next drawing of the National Lottery. | Algebraic

Mexico City. – Total value prizes 250 million pesos In real estate is what the federal government plans, Lopez Obrador, like Lottery On Air Force One, the National Lottery organizes draw-on An institute to give back to stolen people (Indip), Among those A. At the Azteca Stadium, worth 20 million pesos.

The raffle will be the cause of the upcoming celebration of Independence Day (Sep 15th), and they will be on sale 2 million sheets of 250 pesos per piece, Giving the opportunity to win some properties listed by the National Organizational Improvement Committee (Conamer) and Indep.

This information was leaked by El Universal, who had access to the draft of this new draw, which is unknown What will be the funds collected in the aforementioned draw, Which takes place on September 15, at 4:00 pm, at the El Moro National Lottery building.

What is included in the fund that will be withdrawn?

Of the 22 properties that will be in the draw, a fund Aztec Stadium Draws attention, as its 20 million pesos will include A. The right of use expires until 2065, with a space that can accommodate 20 people, 4 parking spaces, a bathroom, and a kitchenette It is located next to the banks, the most exclusive area of ​​the property.

This will be valid for local meetings of Club America and Cruz Azul Futbol Club, as well as other mega events such as concerts and music festivals that will be held at Giant of Santa Ursula.

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The winner at Azteca Stadium will only have 60 days to announce that they are the holder of the winning ticket, because despite the fact that National Lottery winners regularly have one year to claim the prize, The deadline for this edition will be November 15th to find a winner.

PALCO DEL ESTADIO AZTECA will not be a property of greater value

According to the list published by El Universal, the right to use the Azteca Stadium Fund would be the third largest prize, as there is primarily a residence, located in Pedregal de San ngel, Tlalpan, in CDMX, worth 77 million dollars and 260 thousand pesos.

The second most valuable prize is farm land in Xochitepec, Morelos, which will have value 61 million dollars 430 thousand pesos, Which is still much more expensive than Azteca Stadium Box’s value.

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