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Avoid these mistakes when applying for a US visa

Avoid these mistakes when applying for a US visa

(CNN Español) – Although most US visa applications are approved, there are a number of reasons why the US embassy or embassy agent may reject it.

In 2020, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) was released More than 4 million visas Temporary and non-resident. Almost 1.7 million requests They were rejected as ineligible. The number of visas issued in 2020 has dropped by half due to the Govt-19 epidemic.

Visas within the category of temporary non-resident visas Visitors for pleasure or business trips, Visas for students and visitors exchange and visas for temporary staff.

Here are the main reasons why an application for a US visa can be rejected.

Lack of evidence of their return

According to USCIS, The main reason for denying a nonimmigrant visa is that the applicant “does not establish his or her right to non-immigrant status” as stated in Section 214 (b) of the Immigration and Citizenship Act (INA, abbreviated in English).

Immigration lawyer Nomi G. As Ramirez explained to CNN, when does this happen? “The State Department does not believe you have provided sufficient evidence that you are returning to your home country.

To avoid a visa application being rejected, the applicant must prove his or her affiliation with his or her home country, i.e. stable employment, whether he or she has a business or family. However, Ramirez notes that there is no list of specific requirements because the immigration officer’s “many times it is subject to choice”.

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A common mistake people make, according to US Embassy Applicants are sometimes unaware of the information contained therein Form DS-160, Or the answers given by the same applicant to the consular officer during his interview are incorrect, incomplete or inconsistent. “This is a very common case, with many people being dismissed during interviews,” the embassy’s website said.

Ramirez recommends hiring an immigration attorney or getting advice on completing, completing, and submitting documents at the embassy, ​​as it can be fixed in the future, as it is signed under the pledge once the application is sent.

Lack of documentation

The second reason for rejecting a visa application is lack of documentation. For example, a Student Visa For a temporary work visa such as H1-B or TN, the applicant must submit a university degree, ID card and proof of professional experience required to fill the position.

Lie on demand

According to USCIS, intentional misrepresentation (or false) of data when applying for a visa may not be permanently allowed and is one of the most frequently rejected reasons.

“It is unacceptable for any foreigner to obtain (or attempt to obtain or obtain) a visa, other documents or permits to the United States or any other benefits granted under this Act by fraudulently or intentionally misrepresenting an object.” Section 212 Immigration and National Law (INA).

It is considered misleading when a person presents false facts, conceals the truth or does not tell the whole truth during the application and / or during the interview at the embassy or consulate. According to US Embassy, Exaggeration of income, declaration of wrongful work, avoidance of police arrest or use of other identity are some examples of fraud.

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