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Attendees at mass events must submit a negative COVID-19 test as well as proof of vaccination

Attendees at mass events must submit a negative COVID-19 test as well as proof of vaccination

Facing record numbers of injuries COVID-19 In Puerto Rico, Governor Pedro Pierluisi This Sunday he signed a new executive order that states that everyone who attends group activity indoors or outdoors and encourages crowding will have to submit a negative coronavirus test – molecular or antigen – taken 48 hours or less before the event, as well as proof of private vaccination your.

This measure will take effect on Wednesday, December 22nd. “I am fully aware of the daily statistics related to the COVID-19 epidemic and are in constant communication with the Minister of Health, Carlos Melado, and heed the recommendations of experts on this subject. Puerto Rico has been a national and global example in terms of vaccination, in compliance with the measures to confront this epidemic and we cannot lower our guard,” Governor said.

However, the CEO did not specify a booster dose of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine as a requirement for entry to institutions and events, a recommendation from the scientific coalition appointed and endorsed by Cheers’ chief epidemiology officer, Melissa. Marzan. The coalition held an emergency meeting on Saturday to draw up new recommendations, but as of this writing they have not been published and there has been no reaction from the body to the governor’s order 2021-080.

Facilities include theatres, amphitheaters, stadiums, amphitheaters, conference and activity centers, and any other place where events are held, in order.

The new measure also states that any outdoor group activity — not an amphitheater, stadium, activity center or other open space — that encourages a conglomerate of 500 people or more must coordinate with the Ministry of Health to establish the protocol to be followed “to ensure that the activity is safe for the health of all those present.” .” This includes requiring the use of a mask during the entire activity and determining if the presence of children under five is appropriate.

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Likewise, it makes clear that in group activities outside, which promote a conglomeration of less than 500 people, it will not be necessary to coordinate in advance with health to establish the protocol, but all visitors will be required to use masks at all times. In these activities, health will be enabled to request any particular protocol, when it deems it necessary.

Read the executive order:

Pierluisi realized that with the arrival of the omicron variant and the increase in the positivity rate, it was necessary to put in place measures aimed at reducing infection.

“Given the trend of recent days, I am signing this new executive order that will go into effect on Wednesday and reiterate that I will continue to be vigilant and pay attention to the statistics and recommendations to put in place new measures, if necessary,” he said. chief executive officer.

The governor urged everyone who did not do so to get vaccinated. And to get the booster dose. The vaccine is now available for children under five and over, as is the third dose for adults. Vaccination remains the key to reducing infection and hospitalization and avoiding deaths.” Anyone who received two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna six months or more before, or one dose of Janssen two months or more before, is eligible to receive the extra dose.

With 2,931 positive for COVID-19 by molecular or antigen testing, Last Thursday, December 16, a new record of cases was registered for one day since the declaration of the pandemic in March 2020.This Sunday confirmed Dr. Melissa Marzan, the chief epidemiological officer at the Ministry of Health. The epidemiologist explained that in the past seven days, 9,350 cases were initially reported between molecular and antigen tests, with an average of 1,335 cases per day, “and this will also be a new record for us,” the doctor said.

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“The third dose has been shown to be effective for those who have already received two doses of Pfizer and Moderna and a booster dose for those who have received the Janssen vaccine, so I repeat to everyone the importance of getting all three doses or a booster dose for greater defense against COVID-19,” Pierluisi said. Activities to conduct virus screening, as well as vaccination events.

Currently, the use of masks is required indoors. Likewise, under Executive Order in restaurants, stores and most places, proof of vaccination is required or capacity is limited to 50 percent.