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AMLO’s visit comes at the best moment in the relationship between Mexico and Cuba: the embassy

AMLO’s visit comes at the best moment in the relationship between Mexico and Cuba: the embassy

The president’s visit this weekend Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador The Political Counselor of the Cuban Embassy in Mexico affirmed that Cuba is given at the best moment for the relations between the two countries that share the popular vision and solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean, Leopoldo Alfredo Valle Alvarez.

In an interview with Globalism On the eve of the presidential tour of the island, he stressed that between the government of the 4T and the government of the Cuban Revolution there are such coincidences as “a popular call for the defense of the people, solidarity, the development of national economies, the development of culture, of concern for public health.”

He said that President Lopez Obrador, who is recognized by the Cuban people, will be received as a brother, adding that “we can say that this is the best moment in relations between Mexico and Cuba, even if it is a common place, because the two are taking place where the interests of the efforts of the government are clearly defined. In relation to their people, such as saving natural resources, strengthening human capabilities, respecting the environment, defending national cultures against neoliberal globalization and standing in solidarity with Latin America.

The embassy says AMLO will receive like a brother

“President Lopez Obrador will be greeted like a brother, at the most complex moment that Cuba has recently experienced in connection with the tightening of the US embargo, with covid-19 pandemic Gestures and correspondence were given in this tradition in order to alleviate hardships for the Cuban people.”

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Pointing out that this visit will undoubtedly have a positive impact on relations between Cuba and Mexico, “It is a reaffirmation, it is a visit of a president in the middle of his term, and in this sense we will feel proud to receive him and which will certainly lead to agreements and commitments.”

At the diplomatic headquarters of the Havana government in Mexico City, he explained that the governments of Mexico and Cuba share a “supportive popular call.”

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