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PLD says government wants to discredit Danilo in Octopus case

the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) This Sunday he firmly and firmly rejected what he said Public Prosecution from the former president Danilo Medina In the case of the alleged corruption is called Pulpo.

“It is not acceptable that government Hiring the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Republic to file public charges of defamation against the former President of the Republic.” This was stated by the Secretary-General of PLDAnd Charlie Mariotti, during a press conference of the Political Committee, held at the national house of that organization, in the national district.

Marriott understands that such a reference is only intended to discredit Al Madinah Al Munawwarah as a character Policy Hence, discredit PLD.

“The Public Prosecution Office is giving way to be part of the government’s political game to try to divert attention from the national problems affecting the country, which this administration has been unable to solve”Charlie MariottiSecretary General of PLD

the PLD He pointed out that there is a clear politicization of judicial processes that concern the current government administration.

“The eclectic and biased character of government across the Public Prosecution Against the Dominican Liberation Party when deciding which ones to address, investigate and publicly disclose those that correspond in their entirety to one sector of the political spectrum,” the entity said. Policy.

Last Friday, the Republic’s Prosecutor’s Office reported that several people are connected to the Tornado Forzas Vivas Foundation, and according to Public ProsecutionIt is related to the financing of presidential campaigns Danilo Medina, are part of the new people included in the indictment against those involved in the alleged corruption network that was dismantled in Operation Antipulpo.

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