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Atlas vs Chivas (1-1): Goals |  They find everything in Classico Tapatio!

Atlas vs Chivas (1-1): Goals | They find everything in Classico Tapatio!

Saint Julian! appeared in Classic Tapatio And unbeaten atlas before chivas He was eliminated from the final 1-1 with both teams Guadalajara Points distributed at Jalisco Stadium.

When it seemed chivas The Colombian snatched the win, donning the champ uniform to give the current a point a heroin the afternoon when there was determination and controversy on the field.

To the extent that Quinones Go beyond his celebration by showing off a shirt atlas and was kicked out for leaving foxes with 9; The holy flock It ended with ten men.

no bars In the stands, both teams had to win, but it ended up splitting the points.

chivas It was the first time he had done so little. far shots Alexis Vega And the Jesus corner This was what the rojiblanco team suggested.

atlas I searched with the offensive duo and Julian Quinones and Julio Cesar Verch Try to create danger in a target Miguel Jimenez.

fact The Colombian sent the first notification In the 19th minute, with a half-scissors shot, it crossed the top.

furch He replied with a taquito at 25 ‘it didn’t finish well, and at 31’, Quinones He scored but the goal was not allowed.

It was a long queue Julius Caesar He entered the area and ordered the coffee plantations to conserve, but referee Cesar Arturo Ramos with the VAR decided to cancel it for a period of time. Julian’s visible hand.

atlas He continued to try, and in the 41st minute, Julian hit a cross in a play that smelled of goal.

Before the end of the first half whistle, a quarrel broke out over a play that started between the halves Alexis Vega and Aldo RochaIn the payment, each team was left with 10, because Miguel Ponce and Jairo Torres They went to rest.

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in the second half, Michelle Liano Arranged, sent to the field Jose Juan Macíaswho at 47′ fired a lonely long shot.

Camilo Vargas Made a long clearance at 63 feet that landed on QuinonesThe attacking athlete tried to score, but the defense chivas stop it.

In the next play, Isaac Brizuela Left in Macias, who put the ball Robert Alvarado to make it 1-0 chivas at 65 minutes.

The goal was good for chivas He tried and in 75 minutes, Macias almost reached second place Camilo VargasWhich stopped him.

Atlas search in the last part and Jimenez saves with a header to Quinones In the 89th minute, who minutes later got his reward and in the 91st minute he made the equalizer with his header.

was center Anibal ShallaHe overcame Antonio Briceño from above and broke through the red and white fence.

In his celebration, I show him a shirt atlas for the people chivas And he was sent off, that didn’t matter, because he made the score 1-1 and he was welcomed.