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At the age of 19, Chorio is leaps and bounds in the MIL

At the age of 19, Chorio is leaps and bounds in the MIL

SEATTLE — It seems that with every three months spent during the professional baseball season, Jackson Chorio is making amazing progress.

Always with speed (70s on a 20-80 scale!), the young Venezuelan combined that side of his game with strength at bat and defense in the middle of the field earning him two Game of the Future Stars call-ups in a row. All this at the age of 19.

“We are going in the best way now,” Chorio said.

It is little to say. After jumping from Class A to Class A Advanced and finally Double-A in 2022, this year Chorio has continued to shine, so much so that it has been rated a #2 on MLB.com’s Top 100 Prospects list And of course, Number 1 Brewers. In 293 plate games with Double-A Biloxi this year, the Maracaibo native hit 11 home runs, 14 doubles and 50 RBI in 71 games. Something he’s improved on are stolen bases, as he’s had 23 in just half a season, after stealing a total of 16 in 2022.

“I don’t think there’s much difference, but now I’m a little more focused and steal more bases,” Chorio said when comparing his version from last season and the version now.

The thing he had to improve on that is still a work in progress is the discipline of the board. In the 400 at-bats in 2022, Chorio struck out 118 times. This year, there are 69.

“We’re trying to eliminate that,” Chorio said of the outstanding tasks in developing it with wood.

He said, “I know it’s something important, but I’m just trying to live in the moment and do the best I can.” “Finishing a great season and helping the team.”