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Apple offers an external battery that magnetically attaches to the iPhone

Apple offers an external battery that magnetically attaches to the iPhone

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One of the advantages of the iPhone 12 is that it has not had an official external battery accessory yet.

As rumored, Apple has introduced a new accessory called “MagSafe Battery” that attaches magnetically to the latest iPhone models through the MagSafe system.

The new external battery doesn’t need its own cover, like the old smart battery does, but it sticks to an iPhone magnet and charges it inductively using 12W MagSafe wireless charging.

This new accessory costs $99 (€109) and offers a capacity of just 1,460 mAh, guaranteeing only a partial charge for iPhones. It can’t be charged wirelessly, but with a Lightning connector, and you need to purchase a 20W USB-C adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable separately to charge it faster, or at least that’s what Apple recommends.

Apple also warns that Magsafe Battery can leave a mark on iPhone leather cases due to pressure, as well as overheating of the phone during wireless charging. iOS automatically limits the charge to above 80% until the phone cools down to avoid damaging the battery.

On the other hand, like all Apple accessories, it is fully integrated into the system and its charge status can be seen in the Battery widget (as of iOS 14.7).

MagSafe battery charging will begin July 20th. At the moment, it’s only compatible with iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the only models with the new MagSafe system.

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