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Ana Carolina con nuevo amor tras cinco meses soltera

Anna Carolina with a new love after five months of being single

After he announced in July that he was separating from urban musical singer “libero”, Presenter and model Anna Carolina Castillo This weekend he was seen kissing a gentleman known on social media as Darlene Dubai.

In the videos posted by the guy, friends Anna Carolina And through some entertaining pages, the couple exchange feelings while enjoying the opening ceremony of the Icon Club nightclub, located on Gustavo Mejía Ricart Street, in Ensanche Piantini, National District.

“A little kiss, a little kiss!” a woman asked in one of the clips.

Through a statement, Anna Carolina and the musicologist announced Their breakup after seven years of relationshipn, for which they demanded respect and privacy to handle the situation.

“Dear media: With this we want to inform you that I and my musician husband, Ana Carolina, have been going through a painful separation for several months,” she said.

Likewise, Ana Carolina denied that the reason for the decision was made “by mutual agreement” and “on the basis of love” It may have been due to infidelity, because on several occasions they both confessed to extramarital affairs to the interpreter of “Apagando vela”.

It should be noted that the reason for this decision was never due to marital infidelity, so that it does not give way to speculation. Thank you for understanding this painful decision for us.

Ana Carolina and the musicologist have two children: Makayla Marié, 5, and Amaru Jamal, born December 23, 2020.